Raising chicks in a cardboard box

Hi friends! today we offer you a video at the request of the public, how to take care of chicks at home with a cardboard box and a digital thermostat.

A few days ago we shared a story where we told you how we were raising our new chicks at home and they asked us to share more information, so here is the video.

This brood box has a radiant slab, yes yes yes, a radiant slab so that the chicks do not suffer from the cold, which is their worst enemy. For us the weather can be pleasant, but for them it’s deadly to be at 20 degrees. That’s why we need a space to protect them and that they can pass their first stage called “Breeding” in the best possible way, then the breeding will come and finally when they break the position and start laying eggs.


Traffic signs:

– The chicks are panting: Very hot, lack of oxygen, the brood box must be aired immediately, they may also have no water.

– The chicks are motionless and the feathers ruffled: They are very cold, they must be warmed up immediately, because they are in the beginning of hypothermia, they must be heated to 35°C to 39°C or what is equivalent to 95°F at 102.2°F and accompany them until we see them very active

– There is one who is smaller than the others, problems eating, you have to isolate him and give him food and water just for him, it’s a snowball effect, more they feel bad, the less they eat and the less they can “fight” to eat.

– There is an injured chick, it must be isolated because its siblings will continue to injure it



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