Put out the fire, keep the Amazon rainforest alive

Every year, large areas of the Amazon rainforest are cut down and burned to develop cattle ranching, monoculture soybeans and extract mineral resources from the soil. Indigenous peoples address the global community calling for a global pact to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025.

Lumberjacks, ranchers, soybean producers, land speculators, oil and mining companies are advancing in the Amazon jungle. They cut the trees and burn everything.

In Brazil, they don’t even have to fear legal persecution. President Bolsonaro has not only stopped protecting the jungle since taking office in 2019, but even favored its systematic attack. Institutions in charge of environmental protection, indigenous peoples and the prevention and fight against forest fires have suffered drastic budget cuts.

According to the state institute INPE and IMAZON, in the Brazilian part of the Amazon alone, the areas destroyed per year amount to 10,000 km².

Every year, thousands of fires in the Amazon rainforest

From space, satellites record all fires, their duration and extent. Hundreds of thousands of fires break out each year and at times large areas of the Amazon are engulfed in smoke. The destruction is advancing on a broad front from the south and along rivers and country roads. Rainforest is also burning in neighboring Amazon countries.

The Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin COICA addresses the global community with an urgent appeal. The 500 indigenous peoples who inhabit it demand a global pact to protect 80% of the Amazon rainforest by 2025.

The largest forest in the world is not only “the great lung of the planet, but the heart of the Earth”, reads the study “The Amazon against the clock”. The deforestation of the Amazon must not exceed the dreaded point of no return which could render its planetary ecological function irrecoverable.

The problem is pressing and global, now we must act. The governments of the Amazon countries must declare a state of emergency and the industrialized nations must acknowledge their responsibility for climate change.

Please sign the petition and share it widely:

Petition to save the Amazon rainforest

To: United Nations Mechanisms and Officials for Indigenous Peoples

“The international community must act to achieve a global pact to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025. Sign the petition.



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