Properties, benefits and contraindications of shiitake from these mushrooms

Today we are going to introduce you to the Shiitakea beautiful mushroom that, in addition to being curious, has also been one of the key elements in oriental cuisine. Its meaning splits the term in twoor Take refers to the fungus itself and shii calls us to the tree in which it usually grows, the Castanopsis Cuspidataa variety of oak.

shiitake mushroom

shiitake mushrooms or also known as shiitakecomes to us directly from the Japanese dictionary, since we are talking about a type of fungus that has been part of ancient cultures such as the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or Taiwanese for over two millennia. If you are passionate about mushrooms, you will be interested in these applications to learn how to distinguish them.

You will discover its health benefits, what are its properties and what are its contraindicationsbecause like any good mushroom that prides itself on being tasted by our palates, it has some recommendations that you should know.


What is Shiitake

This mushroom is found in the wild in certain regions of Korea, in Taiwan or even in Fujian., a region of China. These marvels were already venerated in the first century AD, when they were offered to the Japanese Emperor Chuai as a tribute. Meanwhile, the Ming dynasty in China was already consuming them in order to maintain youth and vigor.

Its shape is quite attractive, because they have a striking hat in brown and beige tones that is really soft to the touch. In its wild form, the Shiitake can develop a diameter up to 25 centimeters.

shiitake mushrooms

It grows on surfaces where matter decomposes, especially on oak wood., although it can also be found on eucalyptus, holm oak or beech. What is necessary for its growth is that the environment must be warm, mountainous and humid.

However, since its popularity has steadily increased and spread across the planet, its cultivation has also been transferred to stores, where bags with crushed wood and substrate are used. While your organic varietymuch more recommended, is made on wooden logs.

Discover the properties of Shitake

In the vast world of cultivated mushrooms, Shiitake is the one with the most fiber, which is why many have focused their interest on it. and its possibilities when it comes to bringing it to the stoves of today’s society.

This high level of fiber allows chitin to be present in these mushrooms as well, which is great for fighting excess fat and getting rid of well as the cholesterol that lodges in our intestine.

properties of shiitake mushrooms

And speaking of the gut, we can’t forget the fructo-oligosaccharides, rare elements in our diet that promote the generation of intestinal bacteria They help the body get rid of any toxicity.

But its components and advantages do not stop there, since it they have B vitamins, such as B2, B3, B5, B6 and even B9. Although these are only present and in greater quantity if the Shitake is completely fresh and natural.

It contains proteins like essential oils and, as if that were not enough, the immune system will be strengthened thanks to the presence of copper, a mineral that will also help reduce any inflammation. Iron, potassium and phosphorus are some of the other elements which, although to a lesser extent, are also found in Shiitake.

Its flavor is only comparable to the magnitude of its properties. Like mushrooms(link), cooking shiitake mushrooms allows us to play in our kitchen in a thousand and one ways.

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The benefits of Shitake

Now that we know its origin and its properties, we will discover the reasons why Shiitake is considered one of the key elements of traditional Chinese medicineas well as in many other cultures and regions of the planet.

  • Fountain of Youth. In traditional Chinese medicine, shiitake is credited with innumerable health benefits, since in addition to providing a healthy and prolonged life over time, it is used to cure everything, from infections to organ diseases such as the kidneys or liver.
  • a good defense. Over the years and its constant application on people, it has been possible to verify how Shitake has helped eliminate viral and bacterial infections, as well as reduce injuries caused by the Influenza A2 virus, reducing more than 40 % lung damage.
  • Fight cancer. Shiitake has in its composition a polysaccharide called KS-2, whose function is to cause inhibition of tumor cell development through the production of interferon.


And since we are in the age of new technologies and constant progress, it has also been determined that its consumption helps to protect the liver from various chemical substances, as well as to fight against certain cardiovascular disorders.

Contraindications of shiitake

Now well, How can you see all the wonders of this mushroom. We could even talk about some Shiitake recipes so that you can savor and enjoy them in a totally creative and fantastic way for the palate. However, This mushroom also has some limits and recommendations that you should know.

First of all, it is important that you consult your doctor in case of doubt about its consumption, as well as to inform you if you suffer from any disease and the effects that its consumption could have on your body.

shiitake mushrooms

Given the limited information available on its consumption during pregnancy, we will rule out its recommendation for pregnant women and those who are currently breastfeeding. It is best to consult an expert before including them in our dishes.

On the other hand, Eating shiitake should be out of your routine if you are in one of the groups which you will currently see listed:

  • Periods of pregnancy and lactation.
  • People with intestinal dysfunction.
  • Problems related to skin allergies.
  • Affected by uric acid.
  • People on anticoagulant therapy.

Dismissing these contraindications of Shiitake, It’s time to start preparing the stove and even to have a small space at home to start growing them yourself. You dare? Its taste will not leave you indifferent.


properties of shiitake

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