Project for training and strengthening territorial agroecological nodes

We are very happy to invite you to be part of the project for the formation and strengthening of territorial agroecological nodes, whose objective is to form and strengthen, in different parts of the country, spaces of inter-institutional and transdisciplinary articulation that promote and strengthen integral agro-ecological processes. in the territories.

This project, promoted by the National Directorate of Agroecology (DNAE), is co-organized with the Argentine Society of Agroecology (SAAE) and the National Network of Municipalities and Communities that Promote Agroecology (RENAMA).

On this occasion, we will be on May 4 and 5 in the city of Zavalla (Santa Fe) to exchange experiences with various actors in the region with the help of the Faculty of Agriculture of the National University of Rosario as host institution.

Those who are interested in sharing experiences from the South Zone of Santa Fe, based on agroecology, we invite you to document it in a simple poster, before 04/20, with the following information:

  • Experience title
  • Team integration and institutional affiliation
  • Assessment of the experience: motivations, activities carried out.
  • Achievements
  • Difficulties
  • learning
  • projections

During the day, there will be exhibitions, visits to experiences, a food fair, reflection workshops and the preparation of shared work agendas.

For inquiries and sending information,

Thank you very much for having woven this great network for agroecology


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