Powerhouse micro that can be easily mounted in any river, enough to cover the daily needs of a house

Micro powerhouse that can be easily mounted on any river

This Canadian entrepreneur has created a micro-power plant that can be easily installed in any river and is capable of supplying 7.5 kW of electricity. More than enough to cover the daily needs of a home.

A clean and innovative way to generate electricity in a river.

Obtaining a constant supply of electricity even in the most isolated areas is possible thanks to a technology based on an ancient invention.

Micro power station sufficient to cover the daily needs of a household

A portable ferris wheel that can power a home.

Many companies and individuals are reinventing the old Poncelet wheel, which was used in river mills, to create an alternative and decentralized source of energy.

The most ambitious prototypes can provide up to 100 kW. However, the most interesting applications are probably those offered by Marc Nering’s prototype.

Latest update on his youtube channel:

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More information about the project: Nering Industries

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