PolyJoule Introduces Ultra-Safe Polymer Battery for Stationary Storage

The transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly electricity grid has led to an increase in renewable energies, such as solar and wind. However, unlike the energy sources used in conventional power plants, these renewable sources are not stable and fluctuate over time, causing an intermittent injection of electricity into the grid.

Due to the intermittent nature of renewables, energy storage companies seek to improve the flexibility of the power system while allowing for the integration of renewables.

PolyJoule, a company based in Billerica, Massachusetts, has introduced a new battery based on proprietary conductive polymers and other non-metallic organic materials. The company says its new batteries are designed to meet the needs of stationary power applications, where safety, lifespan, levelized costs and environmental footprint are key decision factors.

PolyJoule takes a systems approach combined with high-throughput analytical electrochemistry that has allowed the company to determine a chemical cell design based on 10,000 trials.

The result is an inexpensive, safe and durable battery capable of responding to base loads and peak loads in microseconds.

PolyJoule’s conductive polymer cells span the performance curve between traditional lead-acid batteries and modern lithium-ion batteries. The innovative polymer batteries have been tested to perform 12,000 cycles at 100% depth of discharge.

We view ultra-secure energy storage as long-term capital, rather than an additional short-term trend in the growing renewables renaissance.

This means that any chemical, at the cellular level, must fundamentally be robust, safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective throughout its lifetime.

For network-level assets, timescales are measured in decades, not years.

Eli Paster, CEO of PolyJoule.

The first generation PolyJoule Power Cell is well suited for critical power applications in utility, commercial and industrial spaces: such as power conditioning, surge mitigation, frequency regulation, hybrid energy storage and support for high-powered data centers.

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