Plant passionflower in pots. 2 methods and their care

Planting passionflower or passionflower is easier than it looks. It is a plant that we have already talked about on several occasions, explaining its medicinal uses and its benefits, which can also be planted at home or in the garden in the woods for ornamental purposes, but always keeping in mind that it can be used as a medicinal plant.

passionflower plant

We recently talked about how to brew passionflower tea at home and what this drink is used for, but today we are going to focus on everything related to planting passionflower at home and what it takes. take into account in terms of care.


Plant passionflower in a pot

One of the advantages of passionflower with other herbs is that it can easily be planted in a container, as is the case with aromatic plants. Let’s see how to plant passionflower seeds at home.

How to Plant Passionflower Seeds

The process is very simple. We fill the pot or seedbed, in case we are going to transplant later, with well-fertilized soil. We dig a small hole with our finger and introduce the seed. We cover the soil and water with a watering can so that it settles and begins to germinate as soon as possible.

We check daily that the soil is sufficiently moist. It will take between 2 and 4 weeks to germinate.

Plant passionflower by cuttings

Another way to plant passionflower is to take cuttings. There are 3 types of cuttings that can be made on this plant:

  • herbaceous cuttings
  • semi-hardwood cuttings
  • hardwood cuttings

Regardless of the type of cutting, it is always advisable to use a natural rooting agent and plant directly in the ground, as they can cause problems when rooting in water. We leave you this video where it is shown very clearly how to do this type of reproduction:

Passion flower. Where does the name come from?

The name passion flower or passion flower comes from the interpretation made by the first Spaniards who saw it in America, since they linked it by its shape to the passion of Christ.

Passionflower is very striking, both for its purple and white colors which contrast with the green of the leaves and for its shape and size, which is around 5 centimeters in diameter.

Another characteristic of this plant is that it is a climber, so it is best to plant passionflower in an area where it has…where to climb!

Passion flower or passion flower care

Among the precautions to take into account when planting passionflower or passionflower at home is the fact that it needs a lot of sun. It is a plant of hot climates, although it supports a few degrees below zero, but it always prefers and will be much better in more favorable conditions.

It also loves moisture, but that doesn’t mean soils need to be soggy, as waterlogging might not be good for its roots. Otherwise, rather a controlled humidity with good drainage.

Likewise, it needs a substrate rich in nutrients, so if this is not the case, we can always add some homemade organic fertilizer to improve its quality and that our plant is as well nourished as possible. .

As for the irrigation, as we have said, it must be constant but always avoiding waterlogging. Above all, you need to water more often during flowering periods, because that’s when you need it most.

plant passion flower

Medical uses

The medicinal uses of the plant are varied, so planting passionflower can be a good way to have this plant within reach.

One of them, perhaps the best known, is that it is used to treat insomnia problems. This is one of the most effective sleep infusions, whether stress causes problems falling asleep or some other type of disturbance, this herb is one of the most effective.

Another of the exceptional uses of this plant is to lower blood pressure. This is because increased blood pressure is linked to the nervous and cardiovascular systems, and since this plant is a natural pain reliever, it is beneficial in helping to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Also check out our list of 7 natural herbs for high blood pressure.

Did you know how to plant passionflower in a pot? Do you have experience? We are interested! Leave us your comments or questions.

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