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The Council of Ministers, at the request of the Ministry of Energy Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO), approved the Plus Energy Security Plan (+SE), which will strengthen the protection of the population against the price crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. It will also reduce the country’s gas consumption from 5.1% to 13.5%, improve energy autonomy and increase the competitiveness of the economy, while increasing energy exports, acting in solidarity with the rest of the EU.

The +SE Plan is based on a detailed strategic analysis of the energy situation in Spain and in the EU. Unlike other European partners, Spain does not depend on Russian energy imports and its supply is guaranteed; in fact, we export electricity, natural gas and petroleum products.

The +SE plan benefits from PRTR funds

The +SE Plan takes advantage of funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR), accelerating and facilitating its implementation. It contains 73 complementary and synergistic measures, structured in six major blocks: energy saving and efficiency; promotion of the energy transition; protecting vulnerable consumers, households and businesses; fiscal measures; strategic autonomy; and solidarity with other European partners.

Some of these measures have already been approved or launched in recent weeks, such as the reduction of VAT on natural gas from 21% to 5% or the reform of the regulated electricity tariff (PVPC) in order to reduce its volatility. Other measures require a revision of the legislation – this will be done soon – or are focused on the medium and long term.

The protection of the population is one of the key elements of the +SE Plan, which plans to grant greater coverage for the electricity social bonus and the thermal social bonus, increasing the volume of the protected population. Among other improvements, moreover, the bill for 1.6 million homes equipped with collective boilers will be reduced for this coming winter.

Household electricity and gas bills will include information on average consumption in the neighborhood and tips for saving. Families will benefit from tax support to set up renewable air conditioning systems, cost allocators in centralized heating will be promoted and smart natural gas meters will be installed.

Administrative management

In the chapter on savings and efficiency, there will be awareness campaigns, the central administration savings plan will be extended to the rest of the administrations and, among other actions, a public lighting replacement program and energy services will be promoted. Large companies are invited to disclose their efficient consumption projects and SMEs will benefit from the support of the ICO to implement renewable energy and saving measures.

The +SE Plan gives new impetus to solar roofs, energy communities and self-consumption, with 500 million euros and more installations. In addition, it will speed up the processing of renewable projects and proposes to modify the current Electricity Plan 2021-2016 to make strategic projects viable and to launch a new Plan 2024-2029 to integrate more renewable energies.

It will also increase industry support and industrial capacity building for the energy transition, highlighting a $1,000 million increase to the LOSS allocation for Renewables, Renewable Hydrogen and Storage, as well as a new LOSS for the Decarbonization of the Industry.

Finally, the +SE Plan strengthens energy infrastructure to promote gas exports to France, Italy and the rest of the EU, and outlines the future Iberian hydrogen corridor.

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