Photovoltaic solar panels that look like bricks to transform facades into clean energy sources

A photovoltaic system that can be designed to fit almost any facade.

Photovoltaic technology now has the means to transform almost any vertical surface into a source of energy.

For city dwellers with little or no access to a roof or garden, Mitrex’s new systems bring solar power to almost any home.

Canadian solar experts have created a Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) material that looks like a normal facade made of stone, brick, glass or wood. Able to adapt to almost any design, the material offers architects and government planners nearly limitless options for integrating solar panels into new or existing structures.

Used in cladding, BIPV can cover old cladding or be used as the first choice in current construction.

System flexibility also includes size, as BIPVs are cut into a range of sizes and shapes to accommodate the desired design.

From the simplicity of a skyscraper balcony railing to the scale of a highway noise barrier, BIPVs make it possible to generate power from any surface that receives sunlight.

A single panel generates up to 350W of power, and the company offers multiple pricing options.

In addition to custom designs, the Mitrex system is available in various colors. Darker colors are more efficient and produce more energy, so for lighter rooms, Mitrex includes additional elements such as coatings that improve reflectivity and minimize energy loss.


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