Pelargonium Sidoides. What is the umckaloabo, kaloba used for?

Today we will talk about a South African plant that has many medicinal properties and is not known at all. It’s Pelargonium Sidoides, complicated name, right?

Other names with which this plant is usually named, beyond its difficult scientific name are the South African geranium, but much more common umckaloabo and kaloba. These surnames are the traditional names of this very popular plant among the Zulus.

the Pelargonium Sidoides It is a plant of the Geraniaceae family, the geraniums, and it bears a beautiful heart-shaped red flower, but what interests us is its root, where the active ingredients of the umckaloabo are found.

Properties of Pelargonium Sidoides


Advantages and properties of Pelargonium Sidoides

This root is traditionally used in Southern Africa, especially in South Africa and mainly for the treatment of respiratory diseases, as it is very effective for different conditions ranging from colds to pneumonia.

Umckaloabo: what is it for?

From the properties of Pelargonium Sidoides the most important should be highlighted. Umckaloabo is used to treat many infections because it is a powerful antibacterialand this is one of its most proven properties with studies even showing it on various streptococci.

The umckaloabo is also a powerful antiviralwhich stimulates the secretion of interferons, which play an important role in eliminating viruses.

As if that weren’t enough, the Pelargonium Sidoides it’s also a box immune system booster. It stimulates, regulates and strengthens the entire immune system of our body and helps prevent possible diseases.

Respiratory use

Unlike the vast majority of natural or pharmacological medicines for the upper respiratory tract, instead of addressing the symptoms, umckaloabo or Pelargonium Sidoides It goes straight to what is causing the disease. That is why the dry extract of this root becomes a popular cold remedy.

Thanks to its double antibacterial and antiviral action, the root extract of this plant is able, in a short time, to kill a large number of germs and viruses that cause those typical inconveniences during the coldest periods of the year. . It is recommended given its scientifically proven effectiveness, its use in case of sore throat, bronchitis, colds and flu.

Since umckaloabo is an antibiotic, antiviral, and immune system stimulant, one of the most marketed products is root syrup.

Safety of Pelargonium Sidoides. Contraindications of umckaloabo

Using this product in the form of a standardized dried root extract has been shown to be a safe supplement. In fact, it showed practically no adverse effects or contraindications, except for a few isolated cases, such as allergic reactions or stomach aches.

The roots of many plants are used in medicine and cooking. In fact, licorice, for example, is a root that is normally used in sweets such as the classic Juanola lozenges of a lifetime and also has great medicinal properties, just like umckaloabo is an antibiotic and is used to treat the respiratory tract.

umckaloabo what is it for

Umckaloabo and allergies

As we said, although it is quite safe, there are cases of allergies. Therefore, if you are allergic to geraniums, it is very likely that your body will react to this root in the same way. Therefore, it is always best to consult your doctor before using this herbal medicine in tablet, extract, syrup or any of its formats.

If you are taking medication, consult your doctor as it may interact with certain medications. And as we always say, we must not forget that the information we share in Ecocosas should never replace the doctor’s opinion.

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