Paradigma launches new pellet boiler that reduces fine dust emissions

Paradigma’s new Peleo Optima BlueTech boiler reduces particulate emissions to a minimum. At the same time, the new boiler is supposed to achieve high performance.

In energy production, particles are mainly produced during the combustion of liquid and solid energy sources, such as oil and wood. In order to keep the health effects as low as possible, the regulations prescribe strict limit values.

For pellet boilers, the value is normally 20 milligrams per cubic meter of flue gas. The new Paradigma Peleo Optima BlueTech pellet boiler, with 1.7 milligrams of dust in partial load operation and 0.5 milligrams of dust in nominal load operation, is significantly lower.

According to the manufacturer, the combustion of three tons of pellets produces about one tenth of the fine dust produced by a passenger car due to tire wear over 15,000 km. And for these values, according to the manufacturer, a high-voltage particulate filter is not necessary, as is the case with other boiler systems.


Innovative airflow and special flame tube design.

The minimum emission values ​​are the result of the ZeroFlame technology used in Paradigma’s Peleo Optima BlueTech. It features a special flame tube design and split combustion exhaust air return.

The pellet boiler routes the extracted air to the primary air, on the one hand, and injects it into a high temperature combustion zone, on the other. The specially developed airflow guidance system enables a virtually flameless fire, which minimizes particulate emissions and results almost exclusively in heat and clean exhaust air.

According to the manufacturer, low emission values ​​have been demonstrated in a nine-hour load cycle test. The test included start, stop and modulation phases, thus simulating heating operation for an entire year. Even with dynamic power reduction, the average emission value remained well below the allowable measurement uncertainty for practical measurements.

The Peleo Optima BlueTech boiler is compact and achieves efficiency class A++.

You can modulate the output and automatically adjust it between 30% and 100%. The automatic evacuation of the ashes in the external ashtray, equipped with a compactor, is designed to ensure ease of use and cleanliness. The heat exchanger is also fully automatically cleaned with water. The boiler is operated via a clear touch screen.

It is compatible with all Paradigma extraction systems and storage solutions. By combining it with an Aqua-Plasma or Star solar thermal system, homeowners can make their heat supply fully renewable.

Via Paradigm: Ökologisch. Therefore. Heizen.

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