Packaged blinds: a classic blind with a modern roller mechanism

The package of blinds They dress your interior with elegance and warmth, with their natural drape of linen or cotton. Its mechanism is similar to that of roller blinds, but with the naturalness of fabric curtains.

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Also known as wrapped blinds they consist of a classic canvas, cotton, polyester or linen curtain which works by a mechanism of rods operated by a chain or a cord. The fabric is picked up by successive folds of fabric, thanks to cords which pass through rings, which are sewn on the front part of the fabric and which cross the blind from one side to the other. Thus, its fabric has a more relaxed and natural fall than the well-known roller blinds, but they are just as easy to use and install.


Where to install the boxed blinds?

They look great both in the dining room, bedroom or kitchen. In general, in all rooms with classic, rustic or romantic decoration. We do not recommend them in the bathroom, mainly because their fabric absorbs more humidity and the blind would take longer to dry. The same happens in the kitchen, where it is better to install them on the windows away from the cooking area and the sink. But they look great on the kitchen table or with the shelves, don’t they?

Shade Pack Types

The kind of blind package It is mainly distinguished by the composition of its fabric and its color, which can be plain or printed. The mechanism is always the same, with small variations depending on the manufacturer or the position of the drive. So you can choose between having the cord on the right or left or hanging the blind on the ceiling or on the wall.

blind package

How do roller shutters work?

They work very simply and you will see that they are very comfortable since unlike the folding blindsThey have no rods to separate the fabric.

There are two types of drive, cord or chain. On the back they have rings through which threads pass which are sewn on the bottom. When the blind is activated, these threads cause the fabric to gather, taking on its characteristic accordion shape, with a very natural appearance.

Cleaning and maintenance of roller shutters

When it comes to fabric blinds, its cleaning is practically like that of traditional curtains. You just need to remove the fabric from the rods and wash them in the washing machine, respecting the instructions on the fabric. Some types of fabrics may shrink 5% in the first wash, just like clothing, but this does not affect their subsequent placement. We recommend that you wash them in cold water and in a washing machine program for delicate clothes, using neutral detergents and not bleach. You will surely find the washing and care specifications on the label of the blind package what you buy A tip for shrink as little as possible and keep its original shape hang it up when you take it out of the washing machine and the fabric is still damp.

How to install blind packs

These blinds can be installed in ceiling or wall. If you choose to mount it on the wall, you can hang them at different heights above the window.

You can install them yourself, for which you will need a drill and, if possible, a level so that the holes are exactly aligned. Make the necessary holes for the supplied screws, place the necessary support on the screws and place the bar. Finally you will place the fabric which, as you will see, is easy to put on and take off to wash it.

Packaged blinds, folding blinds or roller blinds?

Not sure which ones to choose for your windows? First, as we have already mentioned, the blind packages they are ideal for rustic, warm and romantic environments; They are practically like fabric curtains. It is not for nothing that they are also called bundle of curtains.

And it is that the package of blinds are more recommended if you want to dress your interior with natural fabrics such as linen, which It will naturally filter the light and you will obtain a warm and uniform effect. when it passes through the blind. The opacity depends on the package you choose, but usually also at night they will give you the confidentiality necessary so that you only see the silhouettes from the outside, when you are with the light on.

Folders also use these fabrics, so what is the difference compared to them? Basically, the rods that hold the folding blind. These serve to support it so that its length remains stable and therefore its fall is always completely horizontal. In the case of blind packagethe fall of the fabric gives it a more relaxed and natural look.

Are the package of blinds for you? Discover the different designs, fabrics and shapes. You will surely find one that will suit your interior, whatever its style!


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