Opening of the largest and coolest solar parking lot in the world

The 35-hectare solar car park was built in the parking lot of the Lowlands Festival and is the largest in the world according to its promoters.

The impressive solar structure, whose output is equivalent to around 100 Lowland festival weekends a year, also uses bifacial panels, which harness light reflected from the ground to generate power.

Solarfields claims that in addition to increased energy efficiency, this allows grass to grow better under the solar panelswhich feeds the sheep that graze under the panels for most of the year when the festival is not in progress.

Electricity generated outside of festival days is sold to the grid and a fund has been set up to use the revenue from the Biddinghuizen Solar Carport to support the preservation of the local environment.

It is essential for our company that we are committed to a sustainable society and this initiative guarantees the production of more green and sustainable energy. This is an important step in our energy transition towards the exclusive use of renewable energies.

Ruben Brouwer, concert director of the MOJO.

Solarfields director Niek Tamminga said that completing “a colossal project” like this is never without challenges, but the company hopes its “sample manual on multiple land use“Inspire others.

So, is this the largest solar canopy in the world? Well, with all the innovative solar projects going on all over the world, it’s almost impossible to verify. But it certainly has to be one of the greatest.

However, we can confirm that the Solar Carport Biddinghuizen is the coolest example we’ve seen to date, due to its location, connection to a music and arts festival, and sheep housing at every time.

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