Open concept modular home with vaulted ceiling and curved pine walls

Modular homes are all the rage. Even if it’s just a dream, each of us is desperate for our own prefab getaway somewhere deep in the woods, and modular homes offer a feasible opportunity to create our dream cabin in the woods.

Whether we wanted one for work retreats or family vacations, Woonpioniers, an Amsterdam-based architecture and design studio, created Indigo, a modular building system that designs homes for dreamers.

Depending on the house you want to build with Woonpioniers, Indigo’s structure and shape may vary.

Lia Harmsen recently collaborated with Woonpioniers to design her sculpture workspace. The two-story custom home measures 80 square meters and features a beautifully curved interior that stretches from wall to ceiling.

The structure offers an open plan, allowing full access for the interior layout of the building to take shape, leaving behind the spatial restriction of beams and partitions.

Inside, the top of the pine planks that make up the wall of the house curve and connect to the roof, producing a beam-like support for the building’s structural forces without the physical need for additional beams.

The Woonpioniers built the folding boards themselves, making small incisions in the wooden planks until they bent into the desired shape.

Below, pigmented concrete fills the ground floor in Indigo, while the stairs and upstairs bedroom are clad in ProFi solid wood flooring, which has been given a clear coat to give it a finished look. .

From the outside, Harmsen’s Indigo workspace features floor-to-ceiling windows that cover the entire front and back facade of the structure.

The abundance of natural light makes the plan of the house more attractive, with a small kitchen, dining room, living room and bathroom located under a staircase with built-in storage options leading to the bedroom from the attic of the House.

Designate: Woonpioneers

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