Online manual for building with bamboo

with bamboo This is called vegetable steel.. It is a very versatile, easy and fast-growing material that can be used to build resistant houses and at least 35% cheaper than other constructions.

Today they grow new technics that improve the quality of houses built with bamboo. It is a material widely used by decorators and designers. It is currently used to build houses in different parts of the world.

On the other hand, there are many varieties of bamboo. It is a material that can grow up to one meter per day. Used for centuries to make all kinds of utensils and for building houses.

If you want to work with this material and learn the right way to do it, we are going to share it with you. an interesting handbook by Mexican architect Lucila Aguilar. Where you can learn about bamboo and the right way to use it for construction.


Bamboo as a building material.

  • Is sustainable and renewable.
  • A flexible, light and resistant material.
  • It has good earthquake resistance.
  • It is a workable material that can be used for different constructions.
  • It can be worked by traditional builders.
  • Its surface has an attractive color, is smooth, hard and clean.

Advantages of bamboo as a building material.

  • It is an ecological house which is economical. Its cost is 35% lower than a conventional construction.
  • They are strong compared to their low weight.
  • His construction is quick and easy.
  • You can use conventional tools, you do not need special equipment.
  • Does not break when bent. Its structure is hollow and rigid, which prevents it from bending.
  • It has minimal waste.
  • Ideal for hot and humid climates.

Ways to use bamboo in construction.

It can be used in two different ways. Whether in roll form. As it is cut or forms boards by cutting it into strips.

Anyway, the The most recommended way to use it is in roll form. In this way, it preserves its texture, color, resistance and flexibility. It must be cured before use.

How is bamboo dried?

Several methods can be used.

  • Soak in water for several days.
  • Prepare a solution of water and boron to immerse the bamboo canes in.
  • Place the sticks in a smoker.
  • Apply the immersion treatment. Make holes in the bamboo cane. Then immerse in water to remove the sap.
  • Butchery method. Introduce boric acid and borax under pressure inside the bamboo to remove the sap.

In this manual that you can consult here, which consists of four chapters, you can learn everything you need to build with this material. Ecological, economical and practical.

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