omnidirectional urban rooftop wind turbine to power buildings

Ventum: omnidirectional urban rooftop wind turbine to power buildings

Designed for the roof of a building, this vertical axis wind turbine technology can capture wind from any direction. It operates independently or connected to the building’s electrical system.

Ventum Dynamics, based in Stavanger, Norway, is dedicated to the design and development of wind turbine technology. Their goal is to provide a lasting solution to climate change. Its innovative rooftop wind system allows companies and social landlords to control their energy costs while reducing CO₂ emissions. In this article, we invite you to learn more about its features and benefits.


What is an omnidirectional wind turbine

An omnidirectional wind turbine is a type of wind power generator designed to capture and harness wind from any direction. These generally vertical axis wind turbines are particularly useful in urban environments or in areas where the winds are variable and unpredictable.

The vertical axis design allows the wind turbine blades to rotate around an axis perpendicular to the ground, allowing them to adapt to changes in wind direction without the need for mechanical adjustment. In this way, the omnidirectional wind turbine can generate power consistently and efficiently regardless of fluctuations in wind direction and speed.

This type of wind turbine is particularly suitable for use in urban environments, where buildings and other structures can generate turbulence and changes in wind direction. Additionally, their design is often more compact and quieter than traditional horizontal axis wind turbines, making them ideal for installation on building rooftops and other space-constrained areas.

What distinguishes this vertical wind turbine from others?

This vertical axis wind turbine has a unique design that ensures its efficiency throughout the year. The wind impacts the structure and is directed upwards to spin a propeller which captures the kinetic energy of the air. The system is made of strong and durable recycled materials, according to the company. It is supposed to reduce internal turbulence and prevent overheating of the generator, greatly increasing its energy efficiency. Ventum also explains that it can catch the wind from all directions.

Its performance increases with wind speed: 187 W at 6 m/s, 370 W at 8 m/s, 900 W at 11 m/s and 1,500 W at 13 m/s. When installing a wind farm, the installer must find the best location on the roof of the building by first studying the local wind potential. To do this, it uses the proprietary Ventum IoT Intelligence tool.

What are the advantages of this technology?

This wind turbine can be installed in cities where the lack of available space is the main obstacle to the energy transition. It is specially designed to facilitate quick and easy installation on the roofs of residential, commercial or industrial buildings. Thanks to its compact size and careful design, it operates without noise, vibrations or visual disturbances, promises Ventum. This solution is suitable for on-site electricity production.

Moreover, it is complementary to a photovoltaic installation to benefit simultaneously from these two sources of green energy. The electricity supplied can be directly consumed by the building. Excess production can be stored or sold to an electricity supplier. In summary, Ventum Dynamics offers an out-of-the-box, self-contained and efficient system. It ensures the energy security of professionals and individuals by avoiding the risk of energy shortages or supply disruptions. Additionally, the company offers remote maintenance and repair services through authorized dealers.

What are the challenges faced by this wind power specialist?

Faced with the energy crisis, many companies in the commercial and industrial sectors have to reduce their production to limit their costs. It affects your business, your employees and the economy of the country. With this in mind, Ventum Dynamics has developed its vertical wind technology, which can be used locally and installed on rooftops. This clean, reliable and economical source of energy will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in businesses. This solution is also aimed at social landlords and real estate professionals. It can be integrated into new green building programs and into energy renovation projects for old social housing.

Main characteristics:

  1. Vertical axis design: It captures wind from any direction, making it effective in urban environments with changing winds.
  2. Recycled, robust and weather-resistant materials: The system is made of durable and environmentally friendly materials.
  3. Energetic efficiency: The unique design reduces internal turbulence and prevents the generator from overheating, which greatly increases its energy efficiency.
  4. Scalable performance: It improves with wind speed, producing up to 1500W at 13m/s.
  5. Ventum IoT Intelligence Tool: It facilitates the identification of the best location on the roof of the building by studying the local wind potential.
  6. Quick and easy installation: It is designed to be installed on the roof of residential, commercial or industrial buildings without complications.
  7. Compact size and neat design: It works without generating noise, vibrations or visual disturbances.
  8. On-site energy production: It is suitable for generating energy in the same place where it is consumed, optimizing its use and reducing losses.
  9. Complementary to photovoltaic installations: It can be combined with solar panels to make the most of both green energy sources.
  10. Autonomy and efficiency: It offers a ready-to-use system that ensures the energy security of professionals and individuals, avoiding the risk of energy shortages or supply disruptions.
  11. Remote maintenance and repair service: Ventum Dynamics provides support through its authorized distributors to ensure proper operation of the wind turbine.

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