Ola aims to charge its electric scooters in 5 minutes with StoreDot battery technology

Ola is building the largest motorcycle factory in the world and planning a massive entry into the Indian electric scooter market. Now he has made a “multi-million dollar investment” in an Israeli super-fast-charging battery company.

The Ola S1 could become one of the most important vehicles in the world. It’s an electric scooter designed to start at $1,345. It would be a good deal for travelers from western cities.

Part of that low price is due to its volume: Ola is building the largest motorcycle factory in history.

The Futurefactory being built is a gigantic carbon-emitting production complex that will be capable of producing up to 10 million motorcycles a year once it reaches full capacity, around 15% of all motorcycles in production. current world of motorcycles.

Now it looks like Ola has made a move that could give his bikes extremely fast charging capabilities. The company has made a multi-million dollar investment in Israeli company StoreDot, making it a strategic partner and enabling it to integrate and manufacture StoreDot’s fast charging technologies for future vehicles in India.

StoreDot says its XFC lithium-ion cells enhanced with nanodots and silicon-dominated anodes will begin mass production in 2024 as bag cells and 4,680 family cylindrical cells, and will initially be able to offer 160 km of autonomy for scooters. 5 minute charge, with an impressive specific energy of 300 Wh/kg, considerably denser than current commercial cells.

Its second generation of solid-state cells, scheduled for 2028, promises a specific energy of 450 Wh/kg, so they will be much lighter and recharge even faster: StoreDot claims that 160 km can be covered in 3 minutes. And within 10 years, the company says it has plans for a “post-lithium” design capable of recharging 100 miles in 2 minutes, with a monstrous 550Wh/kg onboard.

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