No to phantom flights!

At a time when we are trying to reduce emissions as quickly as possible to save the planet, regulating ghost flights is essential.

To the governments of the European Union, the European Parliament and the European Commission:



We demand that, individually and collectively, the Member States of the European Union:

  • Take measures to ensure that empty commercial flights are not operated;
  • Amend European legislation to remove outdated rules regarding the use of slots at airports; Yes
  • Support national actions and European laws that encourage long-distance train travel and phase out short-distance air travel where other alternatives exist.

Because it matters

The skies of Europe are filled with empty planes carrying neither passengers nor cargo. This winter, airlines chartered more than 100,000 ghost flights. The reason? A law that the European Commission is not prepared to repeal1.

At a time when we are trying to reduce emissions as quickly as possible to save the planet, maintaining such outdated legislation is like laughing in our faces.

Lufhansa, Air France, British Airways and other companies in the sector have already called for an end to this waste and environmental movements have also spoken out against an absurd situation that more and more people are talking about thanks to media coverage.

The good news is that governments have the opportunity to rebel against the norm and not make climate change worse. In fact, Austria has already taken a step forward and is no longer going to comply2. Spain, Germany and Belgium have indicated that they could follow the same path.

For so many useless flights to be grounded all at once, the States where the most important airports are located (such as Paris or Amsterdam) must be convinced to follow this example and be courageous in their decisions. Now that the tables have started to turn, let’s make public opinion prevail over the entire fleet of these phantom flights.

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