New thermal jackets that reduce the need for heating and air conditioning

This clothing company wants to reduce your energy consumption. LifeLabs Design was founded by two Stanford professors who developed fabrics capable of cooling and heating the wearer.

The fabrics are made from recycled materials and their production minimizes the use of water and chemicals.

LifeLabs has developed a new generation of thermally efficient textiles.

Wearers of CoolLife t-shirts experience a continuous reduction in body temperature of 3°F. The fabric is made of recycled polyethylene, a material transparent to infrared wavelengths, allowing heat to easily move away from the user.

Wearing the company’s CoolLife or WarmLife garments can help reduce reliance on heating and cooling systems, which contribute significant amounts of emissions.

A continuous 3°F cooling of body heat can make a big difference throughout the day and night, making it easier to use heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for limited times and at rates the most effective.

In fact, LifeLabs suggests setting your thermostat two degrees higher in the summer and two degrees lower in the winter; this, according to the company, can save up to 70 kg of carbon dioxide per person per year.

The brand’s proprietary technology saves water, heat, steam, chemicals and plastic through its specific sustainability processes that track each garment’s energy footprint.

The clothes have a 74% recycled content by fabric weightand manufacturing improvements have reduced water consumption by 70%.

For packaging, the company uses reusable cloth bags for clothing and other environmentally friendly materials.

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