New Saatvik bifacial photovoltaic panels, 545 W, 21% efficiency and 30 years warranty

Saatvik Solar announces the alliance with Munich RE for the manufacture of Mono Perc Half Cut MBB (530Wp+) technological modules.

This allows Saatvik PV modules to meet high performance standards during the power supply warranty period. Reduces solar media warranty risk to increase PV module profitability and durability.

Saatvik is the first in the category (530 Wp+ modules) to cover third party liability insurance in India.

With quality at the top of the list of concerns in a high-demand market and a myriad of suppliers, this agreement represents a significant level of confidence in Saatvik solar modules, setting the company apart in a rapidly growing market.

Our alliance with Munich Re has certainly been a step in the right direction for Saatvik as we build a stronger relationship.

Mientras tanto, el respaldo de Munich Re también asegurará a los clients sobre la calidad del producto y la attenuación de la eficiencia, proporcionando así a mjor gestión del riesgo y herramientas de control para los owners e inversores con nuestros clients a través del valor añadido en our products.

Mr. Prashant Mathur, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Saatvik Solar

Saatvik Solar is India’s leading manufacturer of photovoltaic panels with an annual production capacity of 1 GW in Ambala, Haryana, and has delivered over 1 GW of modules across India.

Saatvik expands its capacity to 3 GW by 2023.

Via Saatvik Monocrystalline Half-Cut Modules Provided by Munich Re – India’s Leading Module Manufacturer | Saatvik Green Energy (

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