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Over time, companies have developed different alternatives to provide an answer to the traditional disposable cup. This was born in response to the need to offer drinks in different environments, without having to invest in the purchase of conventional glass cups or other materials. However, over the years, the focus began on the risk that disposable cups, being plastic, pose to the environment.

The latter is linked not only to the fact that they are glasses made of materials that take several decades to decompose, but also to the fact that they require a large amount of natural resources to be able to manufacture them, although their duration life is minimal and generate large amounts of waste.

As an alternative to this, reusable cups have appeared. However, for a long time these were also made of plastic, which is why, at the end of their life, they generate the same waste that is harmful to the environment. In this sense, Ecogots brings a new concept of reusable cups which, thanks to their materials, are recyclable and ecological cups and degrade organically without leaving any residue.


What are Ecogots reusable cups made of?

Ecogots reusable and recyclable cups appear as a new concept in the world of reusable cups. In fact, they are 100% eco-friendly cups that follow an all-natural biodegradable process, preventing microplastics from remaining and reducing the use of plastic in general.

Among its main features are the following:

  • eco conception: because they are cups made from rice husks, which seek to replace much of the plastic usually used in reusable cups.
  • Long life expectancy: These glasses are designed to be reusable for 24 months.
  • Decomposition: Rice husk is a material that decomposes completely, leaving no residue.
  • Customs: also they are personalized glasses which can be chosen in a multiplicity of designs and sizes to match the ideas one has at any time.

Ecogots are cups that are made, as we have seen, mainly from rice husks, polypropylene to a lesser extent and an innovative additive. With this, it was possible to create the first personalized reusable cups on the market that are 100% ecological and decompose organically. It is a formula of innovation and technology that offers a new alternative to the organization of events.

A commitment to a greener future.

Ecogots cups are designed with the aim of bringing us closer to a greener world. The brand seeks to bet on a sustainable future, creating personalized glasses with their own designs that adapt to all events and events in particular. The objective is to take care of the environment by offering a reusable, personalized, recyclable and ecological cup alternative, which does not leave behind microplastics that may remain in other cases and in other alternatives.

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