New motor for electric bikes: 2.9 kg – 250 W power

Bafang, one of Asia’s leading providers of e-bike propulsion systems, introduced its new motor for e-bikes intended to upgrade one of their popular high-powered propulsion units.

The M510 is said to be a lighter solution that still offers high performance for high-powered e-bikes.

The new Bafang M510 follows in the footsteps of the M500, a popular e-bike motor used by many e-bike manufacturers.

The M510 offers the same torque of 95Nm as the M500, which is significantly higher than the average torque delivered by most major European mid-engine manufacturers.

Since e-bike motor horsepower (the measure of e-bike power) is highly regulated in much of the world, most motors use understated “250W” labels. But the M510 surely exceeds that level many times over, as its high torque figures suggest.

Although the M510 has a similar power and torque profile to the M500, it is half a kilo lighter and weighs only 2.9 kg. As far as higher horsepower e-bike motors go, this is on the lighter end of the scale.

The weight gain is due to several design changes, but the main one is a new magnesium case.

It’s a decision that other major engine manufacturers have made to reduce weight.

Engine software has been reconfigured for smoother starts and power delivery.

The inclusion of a sensitive torque sensor also helps to make the power delivery feel more natural, as if the motor assist were a simple extension of the rider’s pedaling effort, rather than a sudden burst of power like on a motorbike. .

The new drive unit includes the motor with an integrated controller, as well as multiple display and remote control options, and is compatible with several of Bafang’s own battery designs. It also has additional features like a 12V line for lights and improved waterproofing.

Luckily for manufacturers who had already designed brackets around the previous M500 unit, the new M510 uses the same bracket.

Bafang motors aren’t as common in mid-range e-bikes, but many companies still prefer them for their lower cost and higher power. The famous Bafang M620 is one of the most powerful e-bike motors on the market, although Bafang has also developed a number of lightweight, low-power motors.

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