New intelligent system that promises energy savings of up to 75% of electricity consumption

The ROSS system is a biometric presence detection system that determines the occupancy of a room through the use of different sensors, without the need to move.

The installation can be local, in which the system is installed only in one or more rooms, or integrated, which consists of a complete installation with all the functionalities of ROSS.

The main difference of the system lies both in the technology used for the sensor and actuator units, as well as in its specific software developed by Radetec (international patent).


  • Climate control.
  • Management of luminaires by relay.
  • DALI protocol for lighting control.
  • Historical data and event reports.
  • Generation of lighting and air conditioning profiles.
  • Integration with other systems.

INCOSA certifies that the energy savings due to the installation of the ROSS System vary between 25% and 75%.

It allows the regulation of lighting and air conditioning (prior study of the installed system) according to occupancy, which also results in energy savings and CO2 emissions.

Lighting is regulated according to occupancy, if there are DALI luminaires it is possible to have different light intensities in the same room.

It is possible to have different temperatures in rooms separated by glass, because the system is able to interpret it as a wall.

The ROSS system takes into account the luminosity coming from outside the room (natural light through the windows for example), and adjusts the luminosity according to the previously established lighting profile.



The ROSS system is made up of several elements that work together. It combines hardware and software, and an ad hoc algorithm has been developed that detects the presence in the room through information from the detection units.

sensor unit

  • Detection of human presence in a certain area.
  • Combination of sensors and algorithm.
  • Functions oriented towards lighting and air conditioning.
  • Optimal resource management.


  • Battery powered.
  • Mains powered.
  • Bluetooth communications.
  • LED indicators
  • Discrimination zone detection.
  • Optimal temperature: 0°C – 27°C
  • Recommended height: 2.5 m

Actuation unit.

  • Electronic device that collects data from sensor units.
  • Air conditioning (ON/OFF) and lighting (DALI or relay).
  • Allows you to choose different operating modes on the same day.


  • Power supply
  • bluetooth communication
  • reserve battery
  • RS485 communication
  • LED indicators
  • BLE interface
  • Control of DALI luminaires
  • Relay control


  • A portable device.
  • Allows you to choose the operating mode; manual or automatic.
  • Simultaneously control multiple rooms with different electrical circuits and air conditioning systems.


Management app

Management of the entire lighting and air conditioning system. Settings and performance.

It allows the configuration, the collection of information and the action on the lighting and air conditioning systems.

Management must be carried out under strict permits.

Viewer app

Provides information on lighting and air conditioning systems.

Displays the most important information about nodes in the system.

It does not allow sensitive information to be modified. It only allows consultation.

Maintenance app

Define/associate rooms locally.

Allows the technician to create and/or modify parts.

Local management of the integrated installation.

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