New folding electric motorcycle that fits in the trunk of your car

Chinese motorcycle manufacturer FELO has just presented its new model, a modern version of an old Honda classic known as Motocompo. The new FELOTOO M One may be the electric Motocompo you didn’t know you needed.

FELO takes the classic design with a stunningly true-to-form interpretation. Called M One, this modern folding motorcycle is really small. It weighs only 37 kg. It’s even lighter than the original Motocompo at 45kg curb weight.

The M One uses a tiny full-suspension chassis and replaces the stock 49cc combustion engine with a peak-power 1000W electric motor. A 48V, 20Ah battery provides around 1kWh of capacity, which the company says is enough for 100km of range. This range means that the M One is unlikely to be very fast, as an average speed of around 25 km/h would have to be maintained to achieve this range in an electric vehicle of this size and power.

It might not sound very fast, but the original Motocompo wasn’t a rocket either. Its speedometer read up to 50 km/h, although most sources place the actual top speed closer to 30 km/h. Lighter riders are said to be able to achieve a bit more top speed.

But speed has never been the goal of a small folding bike. The goal is to have a small format vehicle that can extend the range without having to drive the car. In theory, travelers could drive a small car from the suburbs and park it on the outskirts of town. Then they could use the M One in their trunk.

Another interesting feature of the M One is that it will have V2L (vehicle to charge) capabilities. With a 220VAC 50Hz power outlet, you can run home appliances directly from the bike’s battery and inverter.

The M One is reportedly priced at around $2,900, although it looks like it will debut in China first and possibly Japan.

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