New concrete base to facilitate the installation of photovoltaic solar panels

Cimenteira do Louro (ACL), a company in Famalicão, created a concrete base for solar panels. Objective: to improve the efficiency of solar energy.


Concrete base to improve solar efficiency.

ACL is a Portuguese company in the field of civil construction materials, has ventured into what it hopes will be an excellent bet, namely the development of a concrete base for fixing photovoltaic solar panels.

This structure was developed in collaboration with EcoInside – Eco-efficiency and Sustainability Solutions (Gaia), specialized in clean energies, and Presdouro Pré-Esforçados Beira Douro.

Characteristics of the concrete base for solar panels.

This concrete base allows the installation of photovoltaic solar panels both on the roofs of buildings and on the ground.

Each concrete roof slab weighs about 65 kg, while the concrete floor slab weighs about 615 kg. They are available in six tilt angles, which improves solar efficiency when it comes to taking advantage of sunlight.

The floor structure offers a great advantage, as it allows the angles of inclination to be adjusted in six different positions, which vary between 5 and 30 degrees. This allows better use of solar energy depending on the morphology of the terrain.

Dinis da Silva, CEO of ACL

These concrete bases require no drilling or metal equipment for anchoring. They are made at the factory and brought to the installation site, where they are easily placed.

It is a practical and economical system. No need to fix it with screws. ACL concrete bases for solar panels are the ideal solution. They are strong, lightweight, easy to apply and durable with no rust and a lifespan of over 50 years.

Dinis da Silva

The development of this product has been far-sighted, to make the most of green energy production projects, based on resistance to chemical and atmospheric agents.

ACL hopes that this concrete base for solar panels will meet the growing needs and demands of companies operating in the solar energy market.

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