New CIGS solar tile with 14.9% efficiency designed for application in building integrated photovoltaics

Taiwanese manufacturer Eterbright has developed a CIGS solar tile with a power ranging from 26.5 W to 56 W and a temperature coefficient of -0.34% per C. The product is capable of withstanding a snow load of 5400 Pa and wind load ranging from 1600 Pa to 2400 Pa.

Eterbright Solar Corporation, based in Taiwan, has developed a solar tile based on copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS) cells for application in building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

The ePower Tile is based on the company’s own CIGS cell technology and features a power conversion efficiency of 14.9%.

They produce it in their 50 MW factory in Miaoli, where they also produce CIGS solar modules and photovoltaic facades. These ePower tiles are not very sensitive to factors such as an imperfect tilt angle and roof orientation, or the risk of shading.

The manufacturer offers the product in two versions with a power of 56 W each, as well as a smaller version with 26.5 W.

The first 56W panel measures 420mm x 1280mm x 38mm and weighs 9.9kg. It has an open circuit voltage of 41.3 V and a short circuit current of 1.89 A.

The second 56W product, described by the manufacturer as compatible with Tejas Borja, also weighs 9.9kg but measures 457mm x 1268mm x 39mm. The values ​​of the open circuit voltage and the short circuit current are the same as those of the other 56W panel.

The 26.5W product has dimensions of 457mm x 653mm x 39mm and weighs 4.7kg. Its open circuit voltage is 39.7 V and its short circuit current is 0.94 A.

All tiles support a snow load of 5,400 Pascals (Pa) and a wind load ranging from 1,600 Pa to 2,400 Pa.

They are constructed of 3.2mm tempered glass, an anodized aluminum alloy frame and an IP68 enclosure. Its temperature coefficient is -0.34% per degree Celsius and its operating temperature ranges from -40 C to 85 C.

The product has a 10 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty.

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