NESTRON launches Legend Two Model, its new “All in one” prefabricated house

The Legend 2 series has been taken to the next level of space and comfort while maintaining its modern design. It inherits a perfect connection between elegant design and classic elements.

It features crisp, clean lines with deep edging and colors so as not to compromise the design.

Large patio doors are integrated to provide a stream of natural light, allowing you to enjoy the scenery right outside your front door. Large bay windows expand the space, brighten the interior and require minimal maintenance.



  • Area: 25.5 m2
  • Dimensions: 8500mm long × 3000mm wide × 2800mm high
  • Distribution: Living room, master bedroom, secondary bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.
  • Renewal: Neat decoration + French windows + Electric blinds + Mechanics and electrical panel.
  • Insect control: Termite resistant.
  • Dining room and living room layout: Retractable dining table, sofa.
  • room layout: Bed and mattress, cupboards, bookcase, wardrobe, desk.
  • kitchen layout: Storage furniture, induction hob, extractor hood, washing machine, mini-fridge, sink and tap.
  • bathroom setup: Shower, toilet (expandable to smart toilet), water heater, LED mirror (expandable to smart mirror), sink and faucet, fan.
  • 4 colors availableblack, brown, orange and white.

It is fully furnished with specially designed furniture to fit into the structure and make maximum use of space.

They come with built-in plumbing, sewer, lighting, and electrical power, just like a normal home, so you can move in the day your home arrives.

Low-E glass is installed to minimize the sun’s heat and UV rays, reducing overheating and fading of interior furnishings without blocking natural light from entering your home.

A very functional and practical bathroom layout, designed to create two different useful areas separating the wet and dry areas. This ensures that all water-related activities take place in the wet zone, making the bathroom easier to clean and helping to prevent it from becoming soggy and moldy from dampness and mold.

The wall is used with additional built-in cabinets and floating shelves for easy storage. There are even hidden storage spaces under the bed.

The retractable integrated table saves more space and, together with the hydraulic system, ensures smooth and efficient table lifting performance.

The quartz slab design offers both elegance and great durability to countertop surfaces. It resists scratches, stains, heat and humidity, making it easy to clean and maintain. Easy to clean and maintain. This material is the perfect complement for an elegant or minimalist kitchen.

Basic setup.

  1. Smart music player.
  2. Electric shutters.
  3. Interior light switch controlled.
  4. Motion sensor lights.
  5. Digital door lock.
  6. Standard extractor hood.
  7. Induction cooker.
  8. Water heater.
  9. Bathroom mirror with LED light.
  10. Electric pulse toilet.

Optional add-ons.

  1. Solar system.
  2. Electric floor heating.
  3. Air conditioning units.
  4. Exterior mood light strips.
  5. Smart toilets.
  6. Smart mirror.
  7. Washing machine.
  8. mini fridge
  9. televisions.
  10. Security camera.

Price: From $55,600

You can see more details in the presentation video:


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