Mystery boxes, the new trend in animal abuse from China

It is said that human stupidity has no limits, in this case we can only confirm it. Mystery boxes have become a really addictive trend and, although you are still part of the select group of people who do not know them, today they will surprise you.

chinese mystery boxes

In most of our publications we see how the ingenuity and good work of many heroes without capes help take care of the environment that gives us lifeby launching initiatives and raising awareness problems affecting societysuch as animal exploitation and alternatives such as vegan leather.

In this case, we’re going to take a full tour and focus on this growing trend where mystery boxes have started to generate more of a controversy. Animal abuse has crept into your sector and now we will see the reasons and the consequences.


What are mystery boxes and why are they so popular?

The digital world, channels like YouTube and the desire to get subscribers/income, to innovate a lot and create new ways to attract attention. Mystery boxes are the example that human stupidity is always on the rise.

Currently, there is a business that exceeds 4,000 million dollars a year only with people who buy a box whose content is unknown. Many use them to draw attention to their subscribers on the networks and others take advantage of naivety and direct scam.

In a mystery box you can include anything and put it up for sale, leaving your buyer eager to know what’s inside. But make no mistake, if this whole thing was just a hoax, it wouldn’t have prospered. There are even brands like Sephora or Converse already raising this idea in China.

The problem comes when other they take advantage of this tendency to commit their outrages. We talked about the raid illegal animal trade in this new modality so famous and popular in the networks.

abuse mystery boxes

Animal cruelty uncovered by Love Home

Love Home is a group that watches over animals and their integrity, fights against animal exploitation and promotes a series of values ​​that many should remember. And recently, it has become a media coverage thanks to his intervention.

To locate ourselves we will have to go to Chinese city of Chengduwhere a raid on a delivery truck discovered about 160 mystery boxes which were about to be delivered to their new buyers.

The problem arose as soon as they confirmed the suspicions they had; live kittens and puppies in each room. Some of them had already perished because of the appalling conditions in which they found themselves.

As expected, the echo of the news and the images published on the surprising discovery only inflamed the networks. The problem is: will this kind of news continue to help increase awareness of these mystery boxes?

pet abuse

Strong legislation and general awareness are needed

The famous youtubers They are the first to viralize this type of practice, opening mystery boxes and recording their reactions. Typically, you would expect there to be toys, collectibles, or technology inside.

The problem lies in the regulations that exist between some countries and others, where it is usually not the clearest or most conclusive it should be. Although it is a theoretically harmless form of entertainment, many take advantage of it for this type of abuse and illegal animal trade.

For now some companies and businesses have announced that they will stop selling mystery boxes, although others will continue to do so illegally and clandestinely. Let us remember that in China this type of sale of animals is forbidden, although with money in advance there is no law to stop it.

We have already seen the case of the wild boar whose fat was blue, we have seen countless abnormal situations which could have been avoided if there were stricter controls and laws. Will the beautiful action of Love Home have really served? Let’s hope so.


abuse mystery boxes

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