Mushrooms and their incredible benefits for the body

For centuries, many cultures have used mushrooms as food supplements because it is a food that provides excellent benefits for the body. There are many varieties of mushrooms and it is not always easy to maintain a balanced consumption. For this, Fungineo MMA can help you balance your diet, since it provides, thanks to organic farming, all the benefits of medicinal mushrooms, combined in a single dose. Note that if you like the idea of ​​starting to add this dietary supplement to your diet, professional advice will be advised.

Mushrooms and their incredible benefits for the body 1

On the other hand, it should be noted that this product can be added to meals, thus offering a unique gastronomic touch that you will like in each recipe. It is important to note that the origin of fungi is neither animal nor vegetable. This is why they have their own kingdom, the Fungi kingdom, and in fact they are the most abundant organisms in the world.

Mushrooms are foods with high nutritional value and beneficial to health. In addition, they have a low caloric value, so there is no concern about their fat intake in the diet.


5 surprising benefits of mushrooms for the body

There are over a thousand species and varieties of mushrooms spread across the world, each with their own culinary and medicinal characteristics, but, in short, mushrooms offer general benefits such as:

They help prevent cancer

Mushrooms are foods rich in antioxidants, which have a key role in maintaining an optimal cellular state, which is why they help reduce the risk of lung, breast, liver, prostate and other cancers . Of course, as long as the consumption is constant and in adequate measures.

They have an anti-inflammatory action

The cell wall of mushrooms is rich in ergothioneine, a powerful antioxidant capable of reducing inflammation. For centuries in Asia, mushrooms have been used for the management of inflammatory processes, including the reduction of allergic reactions.

They are beneficial in diabetes and help prevent it

Mushrooms such as button mushrooms provide an excellent amount of fiber; and it is well known that fiber consumption helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, in addition to regulating blood sugar. Just one cup of mushrooms or the equivalent of 70g provides 1g of fiber, so you can meet your daily fiber needs with just this type of mushroom.

Increase heart health

Mushrooms are rich in B and D vitamins, providing remarkable energy benefits, helping to fight fatigue, depression and maintain strong bones by increasing calcium absorption and ensuring bone growth and nutrition.

They help during pregnancy

Mushrooms are rich in folic acid, or folate, a mineral essential for the development of the nervous system of the fetus during pregnancy; Although it is not enough to meet the daily intake of 400 micrograms per day, combining the consumption of mushrooms with your favorite folic acid supplement will be very beneficial in increasing the intake and absorption of it. Even so, in this situation, doctor’s advice should be taken for the use of this supplement.

In short, mushrooms have many benefits for health and the body that you surely did not imagine. Therefore, you can dig even deeper to find out more about the nutritional benefits they can provide.

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