Miniponics: Sustainable aquaponics in your living room

Do you like raising fish and plants? Imagine there is a system that allows plants and fish to survive and serve each other in the same facility. This is precisely what you will discover, a technique that exists and that you can set up in your living room without too much difficulty.

minipony aquaponics at home

aquaponics This is the name with which it was baptized and developed this innovative technique to grow fish and vegetables in the same space, both ideal for providing food as well as entertainment when working as farmers. Techniques such as the hydroponic system are combined.


What is aquaponics and how does it work?

Plants release nutrients and filter water, essential for fish survival. Now imagine that the waste products produced by the fish serve as nutrients for the plants, which in turn filter the water again so that they can nourish themselves and continue to grow.

Aquaponics bases its technology on the recirculation of water, it is the key element of this striking, effective and particular system.. More and more people want to put it into practice. And it’s not for less, since we are now going to see how you can build your own installation with just a few elements.

Thanks to the vertical position of different buckets, usually from discarded bottles, water that reaches the top level descends through the container until it rushes into the nextand so on until you reach the aquarium.

After, by means of a water pumping system, it returns upwards to repeat its cycle, leaving all the nutrients and elements necessary to nourish the plants of each level. As simple as that!

homemade aquaponics miniponics

Steps to build our home aquaponics

The first thing you need to create this wonderful fish and plant farm is to gather the following items:

  • 1 small electric pump move the water. (Any hardware store has)
  • 3 bamboo canes or similar. They will serve as a support for the containers.
  • 3 Containers made of PET or similar material. Half a 5L water bottle placed with the cap down in a funnel shape will do.
  • expanded clay balls .
  • Seeds of the plant you want.
  • Rope to tie the containers to the structure.
  • 1 tube in the form of a hose to connect the aquarium pump to the highest level.
  • A larger container so that it can be filled with fish.

And the rest will depend on your imagination and creativity, since The home aquaponics system we offer allows everyone to bring their personal touch. Besides not ruling out the possibility of adding more levels in the future. If we are creative with bathtubs, here we are not going to be less.

miniponics home aquaponics system

Step 1: Create the structure and define the levels

Once we cut the bottles in half, we will take the bamboo canes or the chosen material and we will place them in a vertical position, making between them a kind of structure where to fix the plastic containers.

remember to put them in reverse position, that is, with the narrow mouth downwards. In this way we will obtain a kind of favorable funnel for gravity to do its job and send the water to the lower level. We will repair the aquarium on the first floor, tying the bamboo canes at their ends to create the structure. So what, we will create the following floors by fixing the bottles.

How to make an aquaponics system

Step 2: Clay, plants and water

Once the structure has been created and attached with ropes, We will fill the aquarium with water and connect the pump, which will allow, through an improvised pipe, to lead the water to the highest level, providing water and all the nutrients that will be generated with the fish waste.

We fix the pipe on any side of our structure and fill the upper containers with expanded clay balls, a pretty substitute for earth. With this system you can do without it without any problem.

home aquaponics system

When everything is ready, we locate our plants and ensure that their bases are well covered with clay ballsalthough if you prefer you can also add soil, but we do not recommend it so as not to create a hybrid.

This, yes, make sure that in the hole where the water will drain, you place a small grid that prevents the contents from falling. The water must be protected and limited in space, as we did with the tires when they were transformed into basins. We just want it to be the water and its nutrients that go down from one level to the next.

Aquaponics, a truly sustainable farming system

And you don’t need anything more than to start it and see how this revolutionary system is self-sufficient while the water makes its wayfrom top to bottom and vice versa thanks to the electric pump.

This is an initiative carried by several companies and organizations that are currently developing it, although Nowadays it is common to find different workshops and courses where they are taught how to make them. in order to obtain the best results.

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And don’t worry if you miss some details at first, you can always refer to the pictures and videos for more ideas and techniques on how to put it into practice. Miniponics is a durable and ideal system for growing both fish and plants, even in spaces as small as large cities.. And you, do you dare?


home aquaponics

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