MidCat to complete the energy interconnection


The Portuguese Prime Minister, the Socialist Antonio Coast, He was sure that an agreement will be reached with European partners to complete an energy interconnection with the Iberian Peninsula, although it may not be under the name MidCat.


“The meetings are going very well. There will be an agreement for an interconnection, and it will be soon, although it will certainly not be called MidCat, but will have another name”commented the Portuguese leader to Efe, at the end of the congress of the Party of European Socialists (PES), which was held this weekend in Berlin.

Costa held a meeting this Friday in the German capital with the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, and the President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, centered on the MidCat gas pipeline project which these three countries support, but which France refuses.

At the end of this trilateral meeting, a joint declaration was published ratifying the commitment of the three leaders in favor of energy diversification, but without explicitly mentioning the MidCat trans-Pyrenees gas pipeline. Yes, reference was made in the statement to “gas corridors adapted to the transport of green hydrogen”.

France does not want

The MidCat project, which would connect the Iberian Peninsula to northern Europe to transport gas, comes up against the reluctance of French President Emmanuel Macron, who maintains that it is not profitable and that it is necessary to bet on the green energy. Its construction was interrupted a few years ago and a stretch of some 200 kilometers between Hostalrich, in the Spanish region of Catalonia, and the south of France remains unfinished.

In statements to the Portuguese media following his meeting with Scholz and Sánchez, Costa argued last night that France will not want to be left alone at the next European Council regarding the construction of the MidCat. Costa considered that France, despite its opposition to MidCat, “surely you understand” the reasons to support its construction “because in the (European) Council he will not want to be isolated in this position which is a common vision”he claimed.

Costa recalled in this regard that together with Sánchez he plans to meet Macron this week before the next European Council, on October 20 and 21.

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