Mexico: among the countries whose football is committed to taking care of the environment

Climate change is a reality that concerns us all. For this reason, many sports clubs are committed to caring for the environment and adopting more sustainable practices in their administration. For example, minimizing the amount of waste produced, the use of water, energy or gas emissions; or support the NGOs dedicated to it.

But, landing a bit, which countries have campaigned to minimize environmental changes? Many football teams around the world are committed to the environment and are investing heavily in an effort to educate their fans about what is happening on the planet.

Here are some examples :


Mexico, zero-emission football

Soccer in Mexico cares not only about betting on today’s game, but also about the atmosphere. It will soon be a year since Yon de Luisa, president of the Mexican Football Federation, announced the alliance with CO2 Solutions so that Mexico would be the first “national team to apply a zero carbon dioxide emission policy”. This is part of the initiative of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

England and its ecological football matches

The English team of Tottenham stands out for its achievement by carrying out “the first ecological match” supported by the British government and the television channel during its match against Chelsea. The England team are looking to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption. She also led campaigns to travel to football matches on public transport.

Similarly, Tottenham tops the list of clubs that have reduced their carbon footprint the most during the Premier League championship. Among his most outstanding works is the nature reserve next to his sports city, which has a football field, meadows and walking paths where children and family members of players can develop outdoor activities without compromising environmental diversity.

Germany, energy-efficient football

Bayern Munich are too environmentally conscious and promote awareness campaigns on the proper use of energy. For example, the Allianz Arena stadium replaced its lighting with LED lamps, which save up to 40% energy compared to traditional streetlights.

In addition, in 2020 Bayer conducted joint work with Audi. This is how it managed to get all its players to drive electric cars, becoming the first team in the world to achieve such a feat.

This soccer team also implemented a system for reusing disposable cups from matches, which led to them winning the top Reusable award.

Spain, a football that recharges the batteries

Atlético Madrid is not to be outdone with its strategies for respecting the environment. During the renovation of the Estadio Metropolitano, hundreds of solar panels were placed to provide electricity inside the stadium. In addition, they use a sanitary water treatment plant to reuse water to water the lawn.

The Spanish team also has a strategy to promote environmental awareness. Every year, on the occasion of World Environment Day, it offers a tree to each of its employees, so that they can plant it in their favorite place and thus contribute to taking care of the planet.

France, its football is also ecological

Paris Saint Germain, one of the most prominent football clubs in France and around the world, runs campaigns to take care of the planet.

Among its initiatives are the recycling of solid waste that remains in the stadium after each match and the installation of solar panels in the kitchens.

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