Massive death of bees and pollinators in San Francisco, Suc-Tuc

On the afternoon of March 22, beekeepers and residents of the city of San Francisco, Suc-Tuc, noticed the mass death of bees.

They have noticed a strange behavior of the hives of bees they have. Due to the symptoms and the number of insects that were dying, other beekeepers were alerted and contacted to share what was happening.

On March 23, a community beekeeper contacted ecosur Chiapas staff, experts in the field, to tour the field and give their opinion on the situation. At that time, beekeepers in the neighboring town of Oxa cruise also reported a situation similar to that of Suc-Tuc. The bees were dying with symptoms of possible agrochemical poisoning.

Collectively we accompanied the beekeepers who were in the community of Suc-Tuc who, concerned about the situation, began to organize themselves with the support of the commissioner to take a decision on the situation which seemed not to stop.


Massive death of bee plants by pesticides

During the meeting, other beekeepers confirmed the situation which was interpreted as a mass death by pesticides. In the caravans, it was decided to go to the apiaries near the area known as “El tumbo” which house about 600 hives.

In the personal site of ecosur Chiapas I collect samples of honey, pollen, wax and dead bees for later analysis, several kilometers have been traveled through the mechanized and the forests of the community in which the affectation was serious, millions of corpses of bees They lay on the ground and thousands more perished because of the helplessness and courage of the beekeepers, who lamented the situation in which they did not believe.

Geographically, the event is believed to have been caused by the fumigation of a cornfield with a substance highly toxic to bees and other pollinating insects.

We entered the preliminary assignment data, which were:

650 hives in 50 apiaries of 15 beekeepers. (The number increases)

The community hopes to make a decision in this regard with what happened, on the one hand there is the possibility of taking legal action against the person responsible or reaching a negotiation to settle the economic impact.

The situation in Oxa and the subsequent decision are unknown.

Uncertainty and frustration are evident on the faces of those who for a year prepared, tended and cared for the apiaries that were fumigated, who were ready to start the honey harvest in the next few days and who would provide solvency economy in Maya beekeeping. families.

Beekeepers are still organizing and are expected to take a stand in this regard.


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