Massive 6 Unit Container House, the house with containers specially designed for seasonal rental

You will be surprised by the Massive 6 Unit Container House, its 150 m2 surrounded by nature.

This is a modern shipping container home located just minutes from downtown Millersburg, Ohio.

A home designed for vacation rental, paying $289 per night.

The Massive 6 Unit Container House is built with shipping containers, it is located in a forest surrounded by nature.

With no houses around it, it provides a quiet environment to relax.

The container house is designed to have 2 floors.

In particular, the master bedroom located on the top floor offers ample space with its large area. The other bedroom also catches the eye with its views offering a double bed.

There are two bathrooms in the house. The bathrooms on the ground floor and upstairs have many details and areas such as a make-up table, toilet and a bathtub.

The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, fridge, dishwasher and everything you might need.

There is also a living room and a dining room. In the living room there is a large space with a view. In the dining room there is a large table with a spectacular view.

The house has a very well equipped outdoor area.

A high quality container house. The black and wood tones stand out, it has a modernity that attracts attention.

More information: Instagram. @woodside_container

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