March 22, 2022: World Water Day

Following the celebration of “World Forest Day”, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) coordinates the “world water daythis year 2022 in particular, around the theme: “Coping with water scarcity“. Moreover, we are in the period from 2005 to 2022 declared by the General Assembly, International Decade of Action with the motto “Water, source of lifewhich began on March 22, 2005.


world water day

Future water-related efforts will focus primarily on sanitationthe Health and the environmentthe to access to this precious good, the good governance… and other more complex and innovative approaches. Phrases such as “water is the future”, “water and life”, “water for all”… These are the slogans of multiple campaigns developed by the public bodies and environmental associations attempt to raise public awareness of the importance of responsible consumption some water.

The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted in December 1992 the resolution by which the 22nd of March of each year was declared world water daywhich will be held from 1993, in accordance with the recommendations of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development contained in the chapter entitled “Freshwater resources” of Agenda 21.

From the FAO, the various countries are invited to dedicate this day, within the framework of the national context, with the celebration of concrete activities such as the promotion of public awareness through the production and dissemination of documentaries and the organization of conferencesround tables, seminars and exhibitions related to the conservation and development of water resources and the implementation of Agenda 21 recommendations.

This date is a unique opportunity to remind everyone that through concrete efforts to bring potable water and by making the world more aware of the problems and solutions in this area, you can help make things better. water is a very valuable commodityessential to life which is unfortunately not within everyone’s reach, governments are trying to take measures to ensure that drinking water is not reserved for some and we can help control consumption of water in our homes, both at the time of our hygiene personal, as in the tasks of cleaning of the House .

Interesting facts about water

Knowing that water is vital for life on the planet, it is curious, to say the least, that human beings are able to pay homage and honor to the most absurd things, and that until 2005 we were only unable to have a world water day. In any case, we offer you interesting data so that you can see that water is, along with oxygen, the most important thing on the planet.

The waterThe Earth contains approximately 525 million cubic liters of water. In reality, most of the planet is covered in water, about 3/4 parts. In addition, the greatest biodiversity on the planet is found in water, it is believed that around 90% of the terrestrial biomass is found in water. Even the largest group of living things on the planet and the only one seen from space, the Great Barrier Reef, is also found in the water.

Most of the water on the planet is salt water. Only 2.5% of the water on Earth is fresh water, and most of it is frozen.

Water is one of the main elements necessary for life. The lack of water o Ingestion of contaminated water is one of the leading causes of death in underdeveloped countries. It is estimated that every year between 3 and 4 million children die in the third world due to the ingestion of bad water.

water dayOurselves, Human beings are largely made up of water.In fact, we are 70% water and this represents 60% of our body. Our brain is 70% water and our blood is also 80% water. The lungs contain even more water, about 90%.

To survive, human beings need to drink, indeed we would rather die of thirst than of hunger. We could last almost a month without food, but barely a week without water. Most of the water we drink comes from eating food. For example, tomatoes are 80% water and other staple foods like potatoes or fruits in general are over 80% water.

Below we leave you a documentary on water and some links of interest so that you can complete the information in the article. We also make you a suggestion: an idea to celebrate the day of water?

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