Make your own NASA inspired airless bike tires using only PVC tubes, bolts and nuts

Make your own NASA inspired airless bike tires using only PVC tubes, bolts and nuts

Popular DIY and science YouTube channel The Q posted a video in which he replaced his bike’s traditional rubber tires with a set of airless tires assembled from old PVC pipes and some nuts and bolts.

The project is based on NASA airless tire technology. This reminds us a lot of the airless tires for Michelin passenger cars, which we also told you about recently.

No one wants to get a flat tire while riding a bike, and it’s a real possibility.

The Q used old PVC pipe and some nuts and bolts to make its own model.

Before making their airless tires, The Q made sure to choose a PVC tube that was dense enough to support a rider and ride well on a variety of terrains. He decided on a half-inch-thick PVC pipe, then cut the PVC pipe into two-inch-wide rings. From there, the YouTuber connected all the rings into a single link after drilling three holes in each and putting them together with nuts and bolts.

Then he drilled corresponding holes in the rim of the bike, matching these holes with those previously drilled in the PVC rings. Reinforcing the joint with nuts and bolts, the Q repeated the process for two more rows, resulting in a triple overlap of PVC rings.

With the main work done, The Q finalized the project by cutting out the top layer of rubber from the original bike tire before laying it over the rows of PVC rings and gluing all the pieces together. The airless tires were now ready to hit the road!

Although The Q admits that the overall build could use a little tweaking, the bike’s airless tires are fully functional and can handle a variety of terrains, from sand to grass, and pavement to gravel.

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