Make the most of your garden with these tips

have a garden at home it’s having a window to be in direct contact with nature. In good weather it is ideal for relaxing and having a good time outdoors, although for this it is necessary to have everything prepared correctly and to have the appropriate furniture and distributions. You have to know how to make the most of the possibilities of your garden.

And no, that doesn’t mean running around buying garden furniture and placing it anywhere. You have to be careful, take a good look at the available space and, above all, be very clear about what to put on, what to take off and where to do everything. It’s not something easy for those who have never done it before, but that’s what this little guide is for.

Make the most of your garden with these tips 1

The keys to getting the most out of your garden

There are very simple stuff to be able to enjoy every corner of your garden and enjoy it as much as you deserve. The key, mainly, is knowing what to put and where. Although there are solutions that can work virtually anywhere, like this garden set. It’s ideal for relaxing, and a key feature if you want a good nook to sit with family and friends, or even lie down to read in the shade. All the options present there also include a table, and here we have to make another recommendation, and that is look for tables that can be opened to store things inside. They are particularly useful and make even better use of space.

We talked about the outfits to wear, in fact we should also recommend sofas or armchairs removable or in parts, so they can be individual or for groups of people. However, we must also talk about suppression. Before you put anything in your garden in this renovation you’re planning on doing, you should take a look at what’s there and assess what you need and what you don’t need. Throw away everything you don’t need and think carefully about what you want to keep, you would be surprised at the amount of useless things that we can accumulate in our gardens. Things that, on the other hand, take up more than useful space.

Having done the above, and having talked about the sets, there is something that is essential: create spaces with shadows. The sun is much appreciated, but there are times when what is really appreciated is having a good shade so that there is a more pleasant temperature. Therefore, study what suits you best, whether to place an awning, a complete pergola or a set of parasols. There are many options and ultimately the decision comes down to available space, distribution and what best suits the aesthetic you want to follow in the garden.

In addition to that, look for good lighting ideas, especially for the nights. There’s nothing like showering the sky with an LED garland, or you can prefer something less intense and more localized by placing spotlights at different key points. Choose what you like the most, but choose it because it’s best to avoid being left in the dark during those al fresco dinner parties in your backyard.

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