Make a homemade plant insecticide with these ingredients

We have become more aware of the environment and our responsibility for its survival. But often we have a dilemma between how to get rid of unwanted insects that invade us and damage our plants and do it without affecting the ecosystem. The solution is use a homemade plant insecticide and you can prepare it with these ingredients that we show you below.

Ingredients for making homemade insecticides for plants


Easy homemade insecticides that smell just as good

THE homemade insecticides They have many advantages, including are cheap, because we prepare them ourselves, without having to spend large sums of money on chemicals. Moreover, the ingredients are usually very common and even provide, for the most part, environmental and even health benefitsFor example, if you use the mint or orange.

Ingredients for making homemade insecticides for plants

The first of these insecticides consists of mix the mint, garlic and pepper. A good handful of mint leaves, two or three peeled cloves of garlic, about two teaspoons of cayenne pepper, water and a little liquid soap will suffice. Since we care about the environment, try to make the soap biodegradable. In the blender, combine the mint and garlic, while you bring the water to a boil. Once the water boils, add the mint, garlic and pepper and boil for a few more minutes. Let stand overnight or even a few days. Pour into a spray bottle and add a squirt of soap. Ready!

An alternative is mix two peppers with an onion and a bulb of garlic. Leave overnight and the next day add hot water. Mix and go fumigate roses and azaleas.

Another formula is mix soap with vegetable oil. They are thrown into a spray bottle with water and it is prepared to spray the leaves of the plant full of insects and their eggs.

The next time you eat oranges, save the skin. Boil in water orange peel. Add to spray bottle and complete the formula with liquid soap. It’s a Homemade insecticide effective against aphids, slugs and mealybugs.

Finally, there is another homemade insecticide that we can do, however, this time the main ingredient may be more difficult to achieve, since it consists of taking advantage of the tomato leaves. If a friend or relative has a field and grows tomatoes, ask them to keep the leaves for you, because you will get a Ideal biological insecticide to fight against the pests of your plants. Just cover the chopped leaves with hot water and let sit for hours.

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