Majamaja, the Finnish self-contained prefabricated house that can be assembled anywhere

Every nature lover has always dreamed of having a small house in the middle of the forest. But the proposal baptized Majamaja goes far beyond a rustic house: it is a prefabricated and transportable model that makes the most of resources.

The architect Pekka Littow, born in a Finnish archipelago, is behind the project. According to him, the concept is driven by the need to rethink and minimize our environmental impact.

His little house is prefabricated with pieces of wood. This allows Majamaja to be easily assembled, without the need for heavy construction machinery, anywhere.

The works will not give you major headaches: they do not require any preliminary work and they are even independent of the basic sanitation connections.

Nothing goes to waste in this house. Rainwater is collected and all gray water (used for washing and bathing, for example) is collected and purified for reuse, while dry toilet waste is composted and reused as compost.

The use of rainwater, in addition to the closed circuit wastewater treatment system, guarantees its autonomy in this regard.

Electricity is provided by photovoltaic solar panels. A storage battery continues to allow solar power to be available at all times.

The house is also transportable, as it can be quickly disassembled and transported to the most remote corners.

The first Majamaja house project is underway in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The first units should be available for short-term rental in 2021.


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