Maintenance of the fig tree in the garden

One of the best known and most loved trees For everyone. The more we go back in time, the more stories and memories we will tell with the fig tree as the protagonist. And for good reason, many of us grew up building cabins in its strong branches, climbing them and relishing its wonderful fruit.

maintenance of the banyan tree in the garden

Today we are going to talk about fig tree care, advice to take into account to make your tree a real marvel in the garden. And you will not only like its presence, since you will also be able to give pleasure to the palate.

If you have already planted one in the garden or are planning to do so, be very careful because you are about to enjoy one of our favorite trees. The fig tree has a lot to offer us and today you will know it. Let’s go!

The fig tree and its two types of fruit

From figs to figs”, one of the most common and habitual expressions in many localities of our country. The fig tree gives two fruitseach of them in their particular seasons.

When we talk about brief You should know that it is the figs of the previous season that have not reached maturity because of the cold. In June and July they are harvested. On the other hand, between august and september this is when the figs are picked.

Although as children we remember it was taller, the fig tree is a medium sized tree. Her size generally does not exceed 4 or 5 meters in heightalthough some exceptions reached 10.

However, yes it will grow horizontally, expanding its branches and even the roots. This is one of the main points that you need to master, because the choice of space in the garden must allow have enough counters so as not to create damage when its roots begin to develop.

banyan tree maintenance

Fig tree care

The fig tree is a very generous tree, is self-sufficient from the water it receives from rain and generally does not require a few special care. However, since we have it in the garden, what less than giving it a minimum of attention.

Be sure that the soil has a good level of calcium and drainage. Rocky terrain is also ideal for its growth, although the most important thing is to control the temperatures. It is estimated that 18 degrees is the optimum temperaturealthough they resist from -7 degrees to almost 40.

If it doesn’t usually rain a lot in your area, water the base and the soil at least once a week, so that extreme drought does not cause chaos in its fruit and structure. And if you’re going to carve it, be sure to don’t overdo it and do it at the end of winterin March.

Remember that if the tree is young, you must cut to shape, without abusing or misusing it. Once a year is enough. Its particular shape and width will make your garden a perfect place where you can enjoy the best figs and a very grateful shade.


everything you need to know about fig tree care

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