MADI, Modular prefabricated wooden houses

society evolves and, just as many insist on continuing to ignore the problems of space, pollution and rampant consumption plaguing half the planet, others choose to craft new proposals. In this case, MADI, a new concept of prefabricated house that will surprise you wherever you look.

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Its structure is practically triangular, others identify it with the letter Asince its architectural characteristics make this marvel a really interesting option. Do you want to meet her?

Let us introduce it to you, allow us to delve into its interior and show you each of the advantages for which has become a really interesting and requested attraction since its release.


Anti-seismic, modular and ecological

The order of the factors does not modify the product. With MADI we will be sure that this sentence takes on its full meaning. Its A-shaped design allows vibrations from any seismic movement to not become a structural problem.essentially because it lacks foundations.

And it is precisely this lack of traditional foundations that allows carry and move anywhere. Yes, a house that can be located wherever you want. This is one of the advantages of the system devised by the Italian architect Renato Vidal and his partner and producer Abruzzo Area Legno.

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Their ingenuity allowed them organize the interior space ideally and on two levels, in addition to realizing that the entire housing block can be folded thanks to a system registered by means of a patent. That is to say, In addition to being able to transport it, its folding allows the process to be much faster and more comfortable.

On the other hand, its design and organization have been thought out so that it is classified as a class A family home or even higher, that is to say completely ecological and functional. It does not alter the environment or cause it to suffer due to its presence and demand for resources.

Prefabricated steel and wood house built in 3 days

An innovative structure for a modern house

The tubes and profiles that shape its structure are made of materials that prevent corrosion, as well as designed to be folded as many times as necessary without being damaged by external agents like temperatures.

It has Xlam panelsmade of solid wood and completed with different insulating and protective layers against water and cold. The front panels include rock wool and a special wood coating..

This modular house integrates all the plumbing, electrical and even air conditioning systems. In other words, just pick the right space and enjoy how its modules are placed once it opens.

In just in a few hours we will have the structure ready and in a few days it will be perfectly habitable.

mother's house

Although the standard model is classified as type B energy class housingaccording to the indications and preferences that one wishes, we can easily get level A or even higher. It has three versions in terms of space, ranging from 27 square meters to 90, although additional modules can be incorporated.

This Eco-Friendly Home Is Proof Of All Kinds Of Natural Disasters

And if you think what its exorbitant price will be, be surprised because We are talking about 800€ per square meter, that is to say much cheaper than other traditional houses that we have glimpsed in our city. Cost includes assembly and transport if location is less than 200km from head office.


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