Lucid launches its first home charger for electric cars that promises a range of 130 km / h

Lucid launches its first home charger for electric cars that promises a range of 130 km / h

Electric vehicle maker Lucid Motors has spectacular range figures with its Air sedan, now it’s launching a few accessories to go along with it.

The range includes the company’s first home wall chargerwhich they say is capable of adding up to 128 km of range per hour.

Lucid’s Air line of sedans delivered impressive results in last year’s range tests, with EPA figures beating the previous best Tesla Model S Long Range.

The company says it’s on track to produce between 6,000 and 7,000 vehicles for the calendar year, and as these luxury sedans roll off the production line, it’s introducing new tools to keep them charged. and on the road.


Connected home charging station

Lucid’s first home charging station, dubbed the Connected Home Charging Station, is a wall-mounted unit for indoor or outdoor use.

It connects to the Lucid Air Sedan via a 7.3m charging cable and delivers 19.2kW of power to add up to 128km of range per hour.

The unit comes equipped with the necessary hardware for two-way charging, according to Lucid, and is Wi-Fi enabled for over-the-air updates.

These charging times pale in comparison to what can be expected from the latest generation of Tesla DC superchargers, for example, with their peak charging rates of 250 kW totaling 321 km in 15 minutes.

But when it comes to home AC charging, Lucid wants to get back ahead of the pack. Current Tesla wall chargers, for reference, offer up to 11.5 kW for an additional 70 km/h range, depending on the model.

Along with the smart home charging station, Lucid also unveiled a rooftop pod with 325 liters of cargo space which it says has been carefully sculpted to improve aerodynamics and range. The same goes for the new set of Crossbar roof bars, with a load capacity of up to 75 kg, while the new all-weather mats do not contribute to aerodynamics, but keep the original interior. clean car.

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