LiquiGlide. The miracle material that will reduce food waste


This coating called LiquiGlide (“Liquid Slider”), developed at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is a technology that creates a nano-coating that is applied to the inside of a bottleWhat facilitates complete emptying of food contents from any container.


Savings with LiquiGlide.

From MIT, it is assured that with this new invention up to one million tons of food and drink could be saved, and which applies to any type of plastic or glass container. It has no smell or taste.

LiquiGlide uses

We talk about the food savings that this new material entails, but in reality it can be used for almost any product such as detergents, cosmetics, lotions, other uses such as windshields, or in pipes to prevent residue from sticking to their walls, paint cans, a world of possibilities and savings.

The estimated savings can be seen in the following graph:

LiquiGlide efficiency

Some video examples:





Another very important factor is its contribution to recycling, having cleaner containers will allow for easier and more efficient recycling.

characteristics of liquidglide

Although we have already been talking about this new product since 2012, it has already managed to pass the tests to obtain the certification of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States).

It is currently in the negotiation phase with several consumer brands, more than a hundred of them have already taken an interest in the new non-stick coating.

But not only the food industry has it in its sights, but also cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The first products that will prevail, due to the progress of agreements, will be mayonnaise and toothpaste.

In 2021, they raised a $13.5 million investment round and new corporate deals with Colgate, Mibelle Group and Yves Béhar demonstrate the technology’s ability to create market-viable solutions for products. seamless, packaging and waste manufacturing processes.

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