Library of tools for your DIY projects

A few decades ago the first library of tools was born in the United States, today there are more than 60 in the world and it is a growing movement.

We all like to be able to have tools at home and make small repairs, reuse and thus be able to give new life to an object.

There are tools that are very useful at all times, such as a good cordless drill, which must be purchased and kept at hand. We can take advice and inquire on sites like to find the one that offers the best cost-benefit ratio.

Library of tools for your DIY projects 1

But there are other tools which can be very expensive, or of very occasional use, for example, it is worth having a large scale which you will then use twice a year, but of course, if you don’t don’t have it, you have to pay someone has one to do the job or, best case scenario, ask a friend or neighbor to lend you one.

Now let’s imagine a place where we can pick up that tool we need and return it in a few days, like we do with a book, because that’s how these tool libraries for DIY enthusiasts were born.


Not only tools for do-it-yourself and do-it-yourself

The tool libraries have now become a site with multiple purposes, on the one hand, we lend tools to carry out this project postponed for lack of an adequate tool, but, on the other hand, we offer training to the use and even a workshop space to be able to carry out projects in the library itself.

Imagine that you always wanted to build something in your house, but you didn’t even know how or where to start, because now imagine that there is a library where you can learn all this and also get the necessary tools.

Libraries of this type also fulfill a social role, integrating different actors in society, allowing older people to pass on their knowledge and facilitating the reduction if necessary to achieve sustainability.

Often, a small fee must be paid by the partners for its maintenance, other times self-management spaces are occupied or restricted by an NGO or the town hall.

Library of tools for your DIY projects 2

These types of libraries are maintained by donations of tools and volunteer work, there are people who donate time or dedicate themselves to repairing tools, etc., in this way the library is built together.

Some tool companies often support these projects and send tools, spare parts and even technical information to these libraries so that they can continue their work.

Classes are also held on how to repair and maintain the tools.

There is a wide variety of hand tools such as chisels, planers, hammers or mallets and also power tools such as standing drills or sensitive saws, for example.

Library of tools for your DIY projects 3

It also exists for experimentation, to come and tweak the tools and allow them to be used in new ways, to invent gadgets that allow them to increase their functions or guides to improve the way they work and all this is shared with the community.

The vast majority of these libraries are located in the United States and Canada.

An example without a doubt to be continued and replicated everywhere, what are you waiting for to found a library of tools.

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