Let Them Live: Preventing the Annihilation of Uncontacted Indigenous Peoples

Did you know that Peru is the second country in the world with the highest number of isolated indigenous peoples after Brazil? However, the immense cultural diversity that these peoples represent and their extreme vulnerability do not translate into a better policy for the protection of their territories in the country.

The region’s oil and gas lobbies are extremely powerful, and violence, land invasions, logging and gold mining are increasing at an alarming rate.

In Peru, isolated indigenous peoples are threatened with annihilation. And although they are an essential part of human diversity, the Peruvian government is not fulfilling its obligation to protect them.

Several uncontacted indigenous peoples live in the conical hills basin of the Sierra del Divisor National Park in Peru. This is one of the areas that the Peruvian government still does not protect. | © Diego Pérez Romero / All rights reserved

Some of the territories inhabited by uncontacted indigenous peoples… have been waiting for legal recognition for almost two decades!!

And within some that have this legal recognition, there are still concessions for logging and hydrocarbons… which are totally incompatible with the survival of isolated indigenous peoples!!

To learn more about the isolated indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon and support our fight so that the government of Peru adopts the necessary measures, we invite you to:

  • (Re)discover the following video with actress and singer Ana Belén and actor Óscar Jaenada giving voice to the struggle of the isolated peoples of Peru for their survival.

ACT! Please send this email to the Peruvian authorities demanding that they conclude the processes of creation and protection of the pending indigenous reserves and that they expel the extractive companies from their territories.

To continue to postpone the protection of indigenous territories in Peru is immoral, illegal and genocidal. Together, let’s change this situation!

For indigenous peoples, for nature and for all humanity.

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Prevents the annihilation of isolated indigenous peoples



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