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The idea of ​​a necessary and urgent change is spreading in society by understanding the terrible ecological situation that exists on the planet. More and more people are aware that it is necessary to apply the necessary modifications in conduct and behavior that human societies have presented so far. The planet can no longer sustain this way of life which has devastated the nature and resources of the planet as a whole.

alternative energies, with the installation of solar panels main option to reverse the current situation of imbalance, they position themselves as one of the pending issues that will sooner or later have to be addressed. For this reason, it is necessary to training, education or access to useful and reliable information on the world of solar energy and its main tool, solar panels.

Solar Energy Today, the magazine to know everything about solar energy

Indeed, Solar Energy Today is a magazine specializing in this inexhaustible and clean natural resource. A If you where all the information necessary to understand this source of energy is offered, answering all kinds of questions.

This page has a very complete blog, offering solutions and providing data on everything related to photovoltaic solar energy. He also has a Flash guide and expert messaging deal directly with industry specialists.

However, as you can imagine, the most interesting are the articles that are featured in his comprehensive blog. Here you will find articles that will clarify common doubts such as knowing how to make the most of the surplus of a photovoltaic solar installation, how much this type of infrastructure costs or what they are and how to access financial aid and subsidies for solar power installations in 2022, to give just a few examples.

About solar panels

As fundamental and basic knowledge, it should be known that Self-consumption through the installation of solar panels generates significant savings on the monthly bill, while promoting energy efficiency to take care of the planet.

With current technology, on these plates it is possible increase the production of energy from solar photovoltaic. The roofs of businesses, buildings and even private homes can go from the usual 39% of electricity production to 81%. This clearly means that steps are constantly being taken in the right direction, that of producing enough green energy so that a home or business can run 100% on this type of energy.

Equipment and operation

Other necessary information that must be possessed is that, for having a self-consumption system will suffice with one or more plates, depending on the necessary consumption. Likewise, there must be a dc to ac inverter which will have to be connected to the photovoltaic solar panels.

As it is logical to assume, the function of solar panels is to transform the energy of the sun into useful electricity for people. However, the electricity initially produced is not compatible with the needs of the buildings, since it is direct current maintained by an unstable voltage and the houses need 220V alternating current.

It is for this reason that it is necessary connection to an inverter that will instantly adapt one type of current to another, with the ability to adapt to weather conditions, always extracting the maximum amount of energy. Finally, each installation must integrate, in order to have the necessary security measures, a circuit breaker and a differential.

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