La Casita de Boxabl, an efficient mini prefabricated house that can be assembled in one hour

With an area of ​​20 m² and ceilings 2.90 m high, Boxabl unveils its big little masterpiece, which aims to alleviate the housing shortage.

The little house” This is called the new project of prefabricated mini houses that can be assembled in just one hour, in the area of ​​customer preference. Its objective is to become an accessible home for all those people who manage to adapt and live together in small areas.


Boxabl: Price.

With a current value of $50,000, the Boxabl company allows you to acquire one of its houses which are still ostentatious, modern and luxurious for the simple fact of being small.

Each modular unit has a completely open space, where you can find the kitchen, the rest and the laundry room, with the bathroom containing an integrated jacuzzi as the only division.

A very remarkable point in the manufacture of tiny houses is the implementation of highly resistant, durable and energy-efficient building materials. That is, they have the ability to minimize energy consumption compared to those normally used in traditional homes, which allows them, depending on the method of construction performed, to resist fire, winds violence, floods, parasites, among others.

Boxable: size.

Well, in case 20 m² is insufficient, the American company, based in the city of Las Vegas, offers the possibility of customizing two modules and is considering the inclusion of new construction dimensions in the future.

Boxabl, which currently assures that it will have limited production and already has a waiting list to get the modulars, is working to get production levels very similar or equal to what auto factories tend to achieve. to have. Wanting to achieve in this way, mass production at affordable costs for all those who wish to achieve a high-performance and modern mini house.

Boxabl: characteristics.

  • Full-size kitchen: Fridge – Sink with view – Oven – Dishwasher – Microwave – Cabinets.
  • Bathroom: Shower/bathtub – Basin – Large worktop – Backlit mirror – Sliding glass door.
  • Living room: Huge doors and windows – Wide plank flooring – Washer/dryer – Heating and air conditioning.
  • Ultra low utility bills. Insulation technology and included LED lighting save you money every day.

The company also offers a mini house variant dedicated to emergencies.

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