Kits for self-construction of dome-type houses

These domes in the form of geodesic dome are designed so that anyone, with or without experience, can build them, at least some of their simpler models.

Sell ​​homes that are sturdy, functional, adaptable and using renewable resources. These are some of the criteria set by the company Faze Change Produx, which has existed for almost 40 years in the United States, to create models of home construction kits in the geodesic dome format.

Uncommon in the rest of the world, kits consist of building materials that are already separated and pre-made ready to assemble the house.

In the case of the American company, the triangular frames and panels are sold pre-cut and partially assembled with detailed instructions. The idea is that the residents themselves can build their house.

Dubbed the EconOdome, the houses require a foundation and floor – as in traditional construction – then the vertical walls and roof structure must be assembled. The beam system, developed by the company, eliminates the need to use scaffolding and ladders. The dome is made up of 130 triangular elements that connect to form a vaulted dome.

Each dome is made of wood and thermoplastic polyolefin, an inexpensive and very durable membrane. Each piece is cut to the millimeter to achieve a perfect fit, minimizing waste on the jobsite. The wood, for example, is pre-drilled to insert the screws. “EconOdome dome kits are designed to be completed by anyone, with or without previous building experience“, says the company.

In addition to ease of construction, Dome homes accommodate a wide variety of lifestyles; offer many possibilities for custom design; they have many windows and skylights which ensure light and airy interiors; they are weather resistant; They are durable and require little maintenance. Another big advantage is getting a lot of interior space even while using less area than a conventional residence.

A total of six types of construction kits are marketed. There are one-, two-, and even three-story houses. The models vary in color, size and even functionality: it is possible to buy, for example, parts resistant to earthquakes, storms and fires.

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