Kara Pure, the machine capable of extracting 10 liters of drinking water per day from the air

Kara Pure, the machine capable of extracting 10 liters of drinking water per day from the air

Kara Pure is a water dispenser that essentially turns air into drinking water. It was designed by Cody Soodeen.

Soodeen grew up in a town where drinking water was contaminated with a strain of bacteria that affected the health of people who drank it.

Kara Pure extracts water from atmospheric moisture and converts it into mineral-rich alkaline drinking water that hydrates and cleanses the body of toxins.

The device, which looks like a monolithic silver tower, can dispense up to 10 liters of water per day, enriching it with 7 rare natural minerals and raising its pH to over 9.2. As a by-product, it also dehumidifies and purifies the air, serving multiple purposes at the same time so you have fresh water to drink AND fresh air to breathe every day.



Soodeen notes that other water harvesters in its class use refrigerants to condense atmospheric moisture and turn water vapor into water droplets, a process that is energy-intensive, noisy and bad for the environment.

Kara Pure, on the other hand, uses a desiccant that absorbs water from the air (something like volcanic rock or silica gel). Air passes through this desiccant and water is drawn off and stored in a storage tank.

The water then passes through a multi-stage purification system where it is sterilized with ultraviolet light and mineralized with calcium, magnesium, zinc, lithium, selenium, strontium and metasilicic acid, before pass through an ionizer which alkalizes the water and through a carbon filter. which removes all final impurities before dispensing clean, clear, naturally alkaline drinking water with numerous health benefits.

Kara Pure’s water harvesting process, unlike conventional dehumidifiers and water harvesting devices, does not use environmentally harmful refrigerants or chemicalsand Kara Pure operates quietly, delivering 10 liters of water through this process every day.

Soodeen mentions that Kara Pure is great for areas that don’t have access to the purest drinking water. The fact that Kara Pure works without relying on groundwater means it can work effectively almost anywhere on earth and all it really requires is regular filter replacement every year.

Designate: Cody Soodeen

More information: karawater.com

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