Jujuy: indigenous communities resist the installation of an illegal lithium mine on their territory

Several communities in the highlands of Jujuy are camping on their communal lands in the area of ​​Tanques in Susques, to denounce that the company Minerales Australes sa pre-installs machines on their territory without any lithium extraction permit.

They also report that civilians and police intimidated older women in the camp by threatening them with eviction. Despite complaints, the company has not moved its facilities.

Since March 12, the communities have come together and decided to stay camping in Paraje Tanques, Arroyo Seco Aguadita, which belongs to Susques. Place where the machinery is deployed.

The Ayllu Intillaku Apu Qollamboy Indigenous Community, the San Juan de Quillaques Indigenous Community and the Coranzulí Indigenous Community were present at the scene, noting that despite the filing of the complaint corresponding to the cessation of activities of the mining company, they CONTINUED to work . Having expired within 48 hours. to present the supporting documents, the Mining Company “Minerales Australes” SA, which OPERATED ILLEGALLY without the PRIOR, FREE AND INFORMED CONSENT, HAS NOT presented the corresponding papers for its authorization to operate on the Community Territory, private property of the Quispe family”.

Surprisingly, the police and regional media acted to protect the mining company’s interests, arguing that they were “breaking in” and ignoring community property, in this case inhabited by the Quispe family. They even denounce the police intimidation against the former natives in joint action with the civilian personnel who, according to witnesses, belong to the company Minerales Australes SA

For this reason, it takes place at 3:45 p.m. to inform them of the immediate stop for non-respect of the laws which protect us the article 75 Inc. 17 of the CN, the law 26,160 and the convention 169 of the ILO The police officers are also informed that such INTIMATION of ‘EXPULSION’ to affected family members who were ‘INSIDE’ his property (and not as in several media outlets he was misinformed that they were intruding on the route), he checked several IRREGULARITIES: that the relatives were not informed accordingly, that such an INTIMATE EXPULSION was outside the hours of 00:20 a.m., and that he did not present any seal or signature of the prosecutors Dr. Fernando Enrique Alancay and Dr. María Eugenia Di Pietro We repudiate and strongly denounce the events that happened to Ms. Aurora Choque, informing us that people from the Mining Company and the police came to intimidate her and demand her personal data, threatening to expel her from her community territory. the VIO INSTITUTIONAL LENCE and the impunity they exercise without a gender perspective towards the indigenous women of our territories.”.

As community members pointed out, mining leads to conflict between the communities themselves. The social conflict that extractivism has brought has been seen in every instance where companies promise jobs and economic well-being that they don’t deliver later, but to dismantle the protests they fracture small towns that lived in harmony, as is the case of Andalgalá in Catamarca and so many others. Here’s how the statement continues:

Because of this problem with the mining company, an old border problem between three communities in the area resurfaced, further aggravating the conflict, because of all this, the communities decided that the mining company would pursue the cessation of activities , informing him of this was decided to the director Juan Carlos Palarik, who delivered a note signed by the members of the community, after which the director promised to comply with what was requested. Home communities remain on MAXIMUM ALERT, to observe true mining company compliance. If what is requested by the communities of origin is not respected, the measure of force will be resumed.”.



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